Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crossing over

First up, I did run last night after the kiddos went to bed. It wasn't a great run & I wanted to take it easy since I have a longer run scheduled for today. I'm happy I did it, but it made me come to an ugly but inevitable conclusion. If I really want to put in the miles and run regularly, I either need to make it happen first thing in the morning (read - get up earlier), or in the evening. I can do the lunch time workout occasionally when my schedule permits, but that's more of an irregular occurrence & shouldn't be my planned workout time. Which will I choose? Getting up earlier & forcing my non-morning person self onto the treadmill? Or, hitting it after the kids go to bed? I'm thinking morning is my best choice, because by the time the kids are in bed, I'm ready to seriously veg out.

I had originally planned to wear a very spring-like Anthropologie skirt today with this outfit, but Michael thought it was "too much" for work. I was in a hurry & already had the tights & top on, so I went with the closest thing in my closet that matched. The result is much more fall-ish than I intended, but oh well. Michael took the pictures this morning, but be warned - it was very rainy & dark outside. :-)

Here's what I have on:
Black sweater with gold buttons - Jcrew
Purple short-sleeved top - H&M
Gold & black necklace - Jcrew outlet
Black wool skirt - Jcrew
Black tights - origins unknown, but they are my favorite & have a hole. Wish I knew where I got them, so I could replace them!
Black closed-toed booties - Ann Taylor Loft
Bad hair - hoping to get it cut on Friday!

I'm facing a mental block with my running/training. I can now run 30 minutes/3 miles without stopping. Not regularly, but at least a few times a week. I'm hoping to do a half marathon this summer, so I need to increase my mileage. A girl from work mentioned that she found it very helpful to focus on the minutes to start with, versus increasing the mileage. So, I was thinking of doing a 40 minute run today, without stopping. I'll admit - it intimidates me. How do you handle mental blocks when it comes to running? Pushing through to that next level or mile? Anyway, 40 minutes without stopping is my goal for my lunch time run!

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  1. I find it much easier to focus on the time. When I am trying to push through to that next level, sometimes I'll slow down my jog to just barely above a walk, and focus on getting to that next time barrier. Next time, those 40 minutes will seem less "impossible" and you can pick up the pace! You'll do great! :)