Monday, March 7, 2011

Run with the husband

I dragged Michael out for a quick lunch time run, & managed to avoid hurling. It was all good. We ran/walked just over/under 3 miles (part of it's an unmapped trail & we guesstimated the distance) & finished in 36 minutes. Now that we have a time for the run, we're aiming to cut three minutes off it for our next run. Who am I kidding? Michael could run it all without stopping. .. I AM aiming to cut three minutes off of our time.

Today we ran 70% of the 3 miles.

And, here's a stunning photo of me, pre-run. Michael was extremely confused as to why I would want a photo of myself in all my running glory. . . I have no shame. Hello there double/chin/face. ..

And, because I probably blinded a few of you with that striking picture, I'll give you this to finish it off. My cutie pies at the beach this December, using a metal detector to find "treasures". . . If you've ever been to the Oregon coast in the winter, you understand why they're so bundled up. :-)

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