Monday, March 14, 2011

Running in the rain

I'm in Washington, so running in the rain is pretty much inevitable. I gave it a shot on Saturday, & it was not so much fun. 44 and pouring. I mean, the sky opening up & drenching every inch of my body. I bailed after my first 1.5 mile loop, but I'm sort of impressed with myself for getting out at all. Michael skipped his run - slacker. :-) I did feel pretty hard core while I was running in the rain.

Here's a pre-run picture.

Please excuse my marshmallow arms. I have three colors: ghostly white (on exhibit here), pink after being in the sun for 5+ minutes, and red (after working out and/or more than 5+ minutes in the sun).

I would have taken a post-run picture, so you could see the rain dripping off of me, but I stripped down the second I got into the house, & this isn't that kind of blog.

Michael & I also took the boys to Parents Day at their weekly soccer lessons. I was on the field with Nick.

After our soccer good times, Michael & I got cleaned up & went to dinner while the boys went to a swimming party.

I did work out yesterday (3.25 miles total, some running & some walking). I'm trying not to get frustrated by my slow increase of mileage. Basically, yesterday I had to stop because my heart was racing. It wasn't my legs holding me back. Once my heart rate was pushing 170s, I would walk. I think I was dehydrated, but adding more water right before I run is not a good solution. I have other problems that occur when I have too much water before a run. Such is life after you've had two kids. So anyway, I'm still trying to work out all of the proper timing (when to eat, when to drink, etc) so that I don't pee myself on the treadmill but I'm well hydrated. After my run, I finished off my workout with 30 minutes on the bike. I was pretty beat afterwards & could barely make it up & down the stairs. In other news, I think my butt is getting smaller & more toned! Woo hoo!

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