Sunday, March 6, 2011

Questions from the newbie

How many days in a row can you generally run without getting sore? I had a great run on Friday & Saturday, so I tried to run today & it was not happening. I'm trying to train myself moderately & slowly, to avoid injury and other reckless foolishness, so I bailed on the treadmill & used the elliptical for 45 minutes. I'm hoping that I will slowly build up endurance so that I can run 4ish days in a row without a break? More? What should I be shooting for here?

I came home from the gym today & was so hungry that I wanted to eat Nick (my little guy - almost four) for lunch. One of the hardest parts about being a mom? Having to put aside my own irrational hunger in the face of a screaming kid who is also hungry & wants you to make him a grilled cheese sandwich right this very second. So you're basically faced with the intoxicating aroma of melted butter and cheese while you contemplate hoovering everything in the house. But, speaking from previous experience, no meal can be enjoyed when there is a hungry kid in the house. Suffer the initial punishment and feed them first so your own lunch can be enjoyed in peace.

I'll leave you with this (relatively recent) picture of me with my little people (Sam - 5 & Nick - almost 4).


  1. There is no way I could miss a grilled cheese opportunity. No way. And I just run as many days as I can until I get sore. Some weeks I can do 4 or five in a row without feeling tired. Last week I ran three days then had to take three off because I was so sore. They have the 10% rule for increasing mileage, but I say as long as you feel good, then keep going.

  2. Not eating all of my kids leftover food is a huge challenge, but some days, I manage. :-)

    I ran Friday & Saturday, skipped yesterday & ran again today. I'm trying to build up to 30 minutes without stopping? I'm slow, so I can't bust out many miles in 30 minutes, but I'd like to be able to run the entire 5K without walking. We shall see.

    Thanks for the comments!