Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Biking & cake

Here in Seattle we've finally been seeing a few days of sun, and we do not miss an opportunity to get outside when the rain stops.

The best part about having two extremely energetic kids? They are constantly in motion, asking to go outside, head to the park, ride bikes, go swimming, you name it.

It was cold but clear this weekend, so we took the boys to the park so Nick could ride his brand new bike!

And, my other cutie pie, Sam on his bike. No pictures, please.

After the park, we had a pizza party for Nick's birthday and a little cake & ice cream gathering at the house. Vast quantities of frosting were consumed all around:

Modeling his favorite part of the cake - the soccer balls were rings. :-)

Hope you had an equally enjoyable weekend!


  1. cutest cake ever! now i want pizza. WANT. PIZZA.

  2. I freakin' love pizza. As do my kids, so we eat it A LOT at my house. :-)

  3. Those kids are too cute and that cake is the bomb!