Monday, March 21, 2011

I ran a 5K

First off, I did it!! I ran a 5K on my treadmill tonight. I'm doing a 5K in April, & I'm building up to being able to run the entire thing. When I started running in February, I could only do .25 miles without stopping. I'm still not fast, but tonight for the first time in my life, I ran 3.1 miles without stopping! I'm crazy slow (it took me 33 1/2 minutes), but I did it. So excited! Now I can keep training & working on my speed & increasing my distance. Woo!!

I almost fell off the treadmill when I was getting off, my legs were shaking.

Here I am - victorious!

Please excuse how glamorous I look:

And, because it's Monday night & we all need a laugh, I thought I would share my darkest secret with you. I have terrible hair. Now, if the weather cooperates & it's not humid, all is well. My hair is naturally wavy but I can tame it with a straightener and product. However, if it starts to get a bit wet outside, things get crazy quickly. Enter the photo below. As context, we were on vacation together in Orlando.

Can you believe the guy married me anyway?

My hair on a normal day:

Now, whenever we go to the beach, or anywhere with the potential for humidity, Michael reminds me to bring a hat. . . so I don't scare anyone. :-)


  1. Awesome job. You are going to rock your 5K in April!!! And your boys are adorable...cute pic of you guys.

  2. Nice job on running the 5k! That is so awesome! Are those your two sons? What cuties! : )

  3. Kjirsten - those are my boys! That's an older picture (Easter last year, I think), but they're now 4 & 5. They are a handful, but a lot of fun. :-)