Friday, March 11, 2011

Terrible 3 mile run

I don't know if I pushed myself too hard (adding too many miles too soon) or it was just generally a bad day, but my legs ached & I wanted to hurl throughout the workout. It was a hoot. I did manage to pound out 3 miles, but that includes some walking. It was not good times.

Here's me after I finishd. Don't I look like I had a blast?
Love that random stray sweaty curl & general, "whattheheck" look on my face. Don't be jealous of my glamorous Friday night look. After this lovely shot was taken, I went to pizza with the family, & managed to control myself. One piece of pizza, a glass of wine (less calories than the beer I really wanted) & a side salad. Operation make my butt stop jiggling is under way! :-)

Crossing my fingers that my run tomorrow is a huge improvement

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