Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things I'm coveting

First up, a pair of Cole Haan shoes, designed by Maria Sharapova. Who knew that she was a shoe designer?
picture of Air Jasmine OT Pump
Gorgeous. I'm also a fan of this pair (same collaboration):
picture of Air Lalita Flat Sandal
Now, on to running, or my lack of. Work has been crazy this week. I took off last Friday & I'm also out this Friday, so lunch time runs haven't been doable. And because I'm honest, I'm also going to throw out there that my motivation is a bit lacking, for yet to be determined reasons. I am going to get back on track, because my training plan calls for a run today. So, that leaves either after work or after I get the boys into bed. Neither of which are my favorite times, but I'll make do. I really, really need to start waking up early enough to run in the morning before work. *shiver*

Here's what I'm rocking today:

-World's dorkiest look - still there.
- XOXO, Gossip Girl headband - trying to keep my mangy mane out of my face. Jcrew Silver Rope headband.
-Silver & gray floral sweater - Jcrew outlet
-Gray tank top - Gap, many moons ago
-Seven Dojo jeans, dark wash
-Flats - Ann Taylor Loft

Question: how do you break through when you're not feeling motivated?


  1. Oooh, I love that first pair of heels!
    Motivation is hard to come by sometimes. I try to write down my upcoming goals and then how I can reach them. I guess I just need to be reminded of WHY I'm running, or waking up early, or whatever it is! :)