Tuesday, March 15, 2011

First day

Today is my first day officially training for my 1/2 marathon, & I'm a little nervous, but excited. Today's workout calls for 2 miles running/1 mile walking/2 miles running. (I'm following a beginner's plan). Cross your fingers that I don't hurl or pee myself on the treadmill!

In other news for the day, here is my outfit. For whatever reason, in the picture the skirt looks very wide at the bottom, but it's not in real life. Although, the skirt is getting big. Maybe another 5-7 pounds & it will have to go in the Goodwill pile.

Black sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
Coral wool skirt - Jcrew
Black tights - origins unknown
Black boots - Anne Klein
Dorky face - courtesy of me

What do you eat for breakfast in the morning, & are there some foods that don't agree with you? I love, love, love yogurt, but I feel like it sometimes gives me heart burn if I eat it first thing in the morning? I think I do better with carbs. I'll have to experiment & see if I can find the best morning combination that: is healthy, gives me lots of energy, and doesn't give me heartburn.

Hope you have a great day!

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