Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2 miles - in a row!

I did it! I ran two miles without stopping. Woop! Woop! I'm so very excited. And, kind of shocked & impressed with myself. :-) I've tried to run many, many times before, & never pushed past the pain to enjoy it. I gave myself lots of pep talks today, especially after the first 1.5 miles, but I just kept going.

I know it's small, but it's a huge victory to me.

Total run for today (training for a 5K in April):
2 mile run at 5.1 (11:45 pace)
.25 mile walk at 4.1 mph
.5 run at 5.2 mph
.08 walk at 4.1 (next goal is to eliminate this piece, but my heart rate was super high).
.42 - run at 5.1 mph

Total = 3.25 miles, in 39 minutes.

Finished off the day by making a trek to Costco for a ton of produce. We spend a ton at Costco every week, but everyone in my house eats produce by the pound, and who can say no to that? It's the one area of the grocery bill where we don't skimp. Ever.

Today I picked up spinach, celery, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, blueberries, strawberries, clementines, apples, pears, banans, pineapple, & honeydew. Plus some chicken sausage, milk, hummus, & canned tomatoes. Good bye, $100. :-) I'm going to try to make a spinach smoothie & trick my children. We'll see how that goes.

In the summer, we plant a huge garden & grow as much produce as we can. (The Washington growing season is fairly short, so you have to go big or go home). Here's a picture of the boys picking cucumbers in the garden last summer with my husband's father.

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