Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Return of the training plan

Who knew that bronchitis would knock me out for almost three weeks without running?! Yikes. I'm finally feeling better, & so happy at the prospect of running more than four miles per week again. Woohoo!!

Five Things Wednesday. (I know, doesn't that just flow? ;-))

  1. Michael & I went to San Diego to visit friends over Memorial Day, & finally got a chance to run together. I wasn't 100%, so it wasn't exactly a hard core run, but I love running with a buddy. So much more enjoyable. And, in the best news ever, he agreed to do the Rock & Roll/Las Vegas Strip at Night Half with me!!! His first ever. Seriously. Giddy. And, view from our balcony in San Diego. . .
An extremely glamorous robe shot:

        2. I'm going to Las Vegas four times over the next 6 months, & I am ridiculously excited. Why do I love that place so much?! On the agenda, are four fabulous trips:
  • Girls trip with my amazing sister + my fabulous friend (mid-July. . .not that I'm counting down or anything!)
  • Romantic getaway with my lovely husband while said amazing sister corrals my children + her two boys. She's even taking the four kids to THE FAIR, by herself. Yes, she's a hero, people. (mid-August) It's possible that I ordered a sequined bikini for this trip. Because you know, I'm 19 and a super model,  totally capable of pulling this off. . .
  • My sister & I are taking my mom for her 60th birthday trip (mid-October)
  • Strip At Night HALF! (December) with Michael

     3. I'm back to a training plan (rebuilding base miles & officially kicking things off next week). I'm doing a trail half marathon on August 4th. I've not done much trail running, so I'm looking forward to doing something new & pushing myself.

     4. My office no longer has a full-length mirror, so I only have one "ugly bathroom" picture, courtesy of my lovely husband:

It's an awkward shot, but the tank top & sweater are both new, & much more flattering on.

      5. Work has been absolutely nuts over the past few weeks, but the crazy period is almost over. I've missed you guys & can't wait to get back to more regular blogging. And, running, for that matter!

Give it to me! What is your favorite vacation spot? What fun things do you have lined up for the summer?