Friday, March 25, 2011


I took today off to do our taxes. Don't be jealous - not everyone can have as much fun as me today. However, I'm a super star and stayed up ridiculously late last night so I could enjoy most of today & wrapped up by 10 am. Smart. ;-)

One fiscal tip, if I could - don't go to Costco before a run when you're starving. You'll walk out having spent $165, and have a car full of surprises. I pretty much bought everything in a three aisle swath. Oh, and that organic tomato soup is my absolute favorite. I scarfed that down (with crackers & lots of pepper) after the run, plus a big bowl of fruit. Oh, and two Hershey's kisses that were calling my name. Seriously good stuff.

Today is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous again. Those of us who live in a rainy state do not take a sunny day for granted. Ever. I got oustide for my first run with my Garmin today, & I LOVED it. It was totally motivating to see my pace and how far I'd gone. At one point I even ran an 8 minute/mile pace. Not for an entire mile or anything wacky like that, but that's hands down the fastest I've ever gone. And it was so much fun to sprint like that. I forgot to turn my Garmin off before I went in the house to get a Gatorade & grab my camera, but I think my final time was 30:40 for 3.06 miles. I feel pretty good about that! My 5K is 4 weeks from Sunday, and my goal is to finish it under 30 minutes.

My teeth aren't really dinosaur-sized, not sure what's happening in the pictures.

Here's my outfit for today. I know that I look a little bit homeless, modeling in front of my bathroom mirror. But, I can explain. Last year, I paid someone to do our taxes, because after running the numbers through Turbo Tax, I fell on the floor in a state of shock & was positive that I must have made an error. So, I paid an accountant $800, and he saved us $42 over my Turbo Tax number. This year, I did it myself & I'm rewarding my hard work & the $800 savings by treating myself to a deep tissue massage this afternoon. The massage is to try & balance the pain of owing the IRS 5 figures. Sweet mercy. Hence, I couldn't wash my hair this morning (even though it needed it terribly) because I know it will get massage oil it in today. And, I didn't feel like springing for makeup just for my massage lady.

Goofy expression - still here.
Black & white striped tank - Express
Black open cardigan - Express
I am wearing pants (promise) - Seven jeans
Bad hair & overall homeless look - courtesy of not having to work today.

This weekend, my sister, best friend & I are taking our kids to an indoor water park/hotel. I'm scared. Hold me. There will be the three moms & six kids. Two of our kids are celebrating their birthdays, & this was their choice. I have a feeling I'll be consuming a lot of wine tomorrow night. And jiggling going up & down the lines for the slides. Chasing kids in a bathing suit is rarely flattering - I promise that in advance. Hope you have wonderful weekend plans!

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