Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I like orange

I recently have discovered a love of the color orange, so today I made that love a reality by digging out a sweater from the depths of my closet:

I solemnly promise to work on my photography skills & save you guys from my terrible pictures.
Orange sweater - Jcrew
Skinny jeans - Chip & Pepper, circa 2003?
Black patent heels - Jcrew
Sexy security badge - all mine
Beautiful bathroom - courtesy of work

After digging through pictures, it appears that I've had a love affair with orange before. Oh, and also cake. Hellooooooo, cake. Yum. Two cake posts in a day - you can tell where my mind is at. :-) I made that cake for Michael's birthday six years ago, and now I'm craving it again. It is possibly a bit lopsided - please disregard that for a moment, if you would.

And, if I were going to restock my closet & make a fun spring purchase, I would consider this beauty:
Vintage cotton cowlneck tank
Jcrew calls it "modern red", but I think it's really orange. I think it would be super cute with capris or a skirt in the summer. . .

On to the running - I had such a great run last night, that I'm planning on trying it again tonight after the boys are asleep. I've previously dreaded evening runs, but my schedule totally variable based on meetings, events for the boys, etc, so I need to be flexible. The only problem is that I have to eat early & keep dinner very light so that I don't hurl while on the treadmill.

Goal for tonight's run:
Run 3.25 at a pace of 11 (this is fast for me)
.75 walking


  1. Eleven minutes is great! I've been running since August of last year and my top speed is around 10 min/mile. Keep up the great work (and enjoy your evening run).

  2. You look great in orange! It is my good running mojo color.

  3. I agree with marcia! You look great in orange--do you work in clothing? I love seeing your outfits!!

  4. Jess - thanks! I recently switched jobs, but my previous job was managing a online media site for women with a heavy emphasis on beauty & fashion. I had to learn to pay attention! Especially because part of my job invovled trips to New York & meeting with people in the industry who took things *very* seriously. ;-)