Friday, April 1, 2011

Hair Twins

(This is actually yesterday's post, but somehow it didn't get posted.)

I just have to ask, Drew - why?

I know that my hair looks like this, but you have a bevy of Hollywood stylists available to help you out. Surely you can do better than this?!

ANIMAL INSTINCTS photo | Drew Barrymore

For reference, here I am:

I clearly need to add some crimpy waves to complete Drew's "look":

Running news:
The news is not good, & I'm once again frustrated. I ran on the treadmill at lunch yesterday, and before mile 2, I had to stop. My arches & shins were hurting so bad that I could not continue. I hope this is a problem that's easily fixed with a new pair of shoes, so tomorrow I'm off to the running store to get fitted. Also, I'm going to try & run outside more, even if the weather is bad. From what I've read online, the treadmill is worse for shin splints. Anyone have any personal experience? Is it easier for you to run outside? I'm also hoping to run/walk at lunch outside, but that will be entirely dependent on how my feet feel.

Outfit du jour:

Cream sweater - Jcrew
Cream tank - Ann Taylor Loft
Pearl & gold necklace - Jcrew
Black skinny pants - Gap. My favorite, these are the Always Skinny.
Black patent ballet flats - Nordstrom
Dorky face & bad hair - just for you! :-)

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