Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solo 5K

Today promises to be a crazy day. I have a million things to do at work, plus training in the afternoon, and I absolutely need to squeeze a run in at some point. My plan for the moment is to hit the treadmill after the kids are in bed. *fingers crossed*

My first ever run (5K) is on Sunday, & I'm excited! It doesn't look like Michael will be able to join me, as my mom won't be able to watch the kids. So I'll be running solo. I'm a little sad about it, because I think I'll need the encouragement. Oh well - I'm sure I'll manage. :-)

I really wanted something "spring-ish" today, so I opted for sandals, despite the fact that it's chilly today. We'll see if I regret it when I'm in my cold office.

Brownish-green jacket - Nordstrom
"Vintage" cream tshirt - Jcrew
Mixed metal necklace - Nordstrom
Jeans - Joes, Honey Fit
Brown peep toe wedges - American Eagle

Weight Loss:
I had a rough night last night. I found out that an old friend from high school was murdered, which was so depressing. I hadn't spoken to him in years, but he was a close friend of my high school boyfriend, so we spent quite a bit of time together. He was sweet and thoughtful, always kind to others. Even though we hadn't spoken in years, he will be missed. RIP Bruce.

I was very stressed after I heard the news & spoke to some old friends, and ate a bunch of crap as a result. I feel like I've made tremendous progress on my emotional eating, so I was sad to see that I still sometimes fall back into that pattern. It's something I used to really struggle with, but over the past few months, I was taming it pretty well. All I can do today is pick myself up & move on, continuing to think of new ways to deal with my emotions & stress that don't involve eating.

In positive news, my son's preschool teacher complimented me on my weight loss, which made me feel really great and started my morning off on a high note.


  1. The last part of your post was an interesting succession- you found out about losing your friend, then you had your emotional eating spell, but after that, you got encouragement from your son's teacher.

    I'm so glad your morning got started on a high note! : )

  2. I know. In retrospect, those things are so wildly different, I apologize if that sounded callous. I was reflecting on how my own eating is affected by my emotions, not trying to compare things that are so very different. Just explaining how things impact my behavior.

  3. Try not to focus on what happened with the emotional eating. I struggle with the same thing and dwelling on it just stresses me out even more. Focus on the great compliment and your beautiful spring wedges!

  4. 1. Congratulations on your first upcoming 5k, that is the best feeling and you're going to feel so accomplished when you cross that finish line!

    2. Don't stress about the emotional eating, all you can do is pick up and go on and not let one slip up form into a bad habit :) Everyone trips every now and then!

    3. SUPER cute shoes!

  5. I'm sorry no one can come with you to your first 5k, but nothing can take the feeling away of crossing the finish line. Nothing. Us bloggers have got your back. :)

  6. Those shoes are SUPER cute! I might need to copy your style!

  7. Thanks ladies! You guys rock. And, the shoes are crazy comfortable. I think I got them last spring for about $15. They're made of fabric on the patter part, and the wedge is made of cork. Super comfortable & very spring-like.