Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Things Friday

It's Friday - woohoo!

1) What's a girl to do when she's sick of the chilly weather & dreaming about her upcoming vacation in just four short weeks? Um, lay out all of her potential outfits & plan a packing list for the trip! Doesn't everyone do that? It probably goes without saying that I LOVE the planning for a trip almost as much as the trip itself. I have a packing template which contains all of my basics (makeup, comb, toothbrush, underwear, etc) & then a trip-specific itinerary listing each activity & potential outfit. I use that itinerary to generate my packing list for the trip. I think I've mentioned before that I love, love, love dresses. And, I love going on vacation where it's warmer enough to wear dresses for the entire trip. The good news is that, despite my crazy anal packing & planning before a trip, I'm surprisingly mellow once we get there. As long as I can wear something fun, I'm up for whatever we decide to do on the actual trip.

All up picture:
Bikinis (Billabong, on the left, Trina Turk on the right):

Cover ups for the pool (Forever 21 on the left, Target on the right):

Traveling dresses (Limited tie-back halter dress on the left, BCBG dress on the right - much cuter on):

Day time dresses (I tried rotating this correctly several times, but blogger wasn't having it). In the upper corner, Express maxi dress, next one down is a one-shouldered BCBG, the next dress is a purple Express flutter dress, and the last is a Forever 21 purple dress). I like purple. :-)

LBDs (the one on the far left is a micro tiny BCBG dress circa 8 years ago, that Michael is insisting that I bring. I will likely model it for him & wear something that doesn't resemble a hanker chief when I'm in public. Next dress is a black lace Express strapless dress. Final dress is a black bandage Express dress):

2) After assembling all of my potential dresses (I know, I need to be in a 12 step program for dresses), I then decided it was time for a run to get bikini-ready. I put in 53:21 minutes & covered 4.9 miles. Today was my hills workout. And, yeah. The last hill before I got home nearly made me weep. I felt great when it was done, but it was a heckuva hill. My legs felt like they had bricks attached to them. But, I'm now caught back up with my training plan, after my bizarre week.

3) Tonight our big plans are attending a Hawaiian luau put on by the preschool that our boys attend. Pictures are from last year, but the event includes: lei making, a Hawaiian song & dance recital, & dessert. It promises to be fun. We're party animals!

4) I'm going to Las Vegas three times this summer, & I'm not ashamed. For a variety of reasons, it's a great destination for us. Close enough for a long weekend (usually all we can pull off when my parents watch the kids), easy flight from Seattle, lots to do, free hotel & food (my husband is there a lot & gets comps), & it's one of my favorite places to relax. I know, that doesn't really fit the Las Vegas mold, but we spend time at the pool, at the spa, shopping, and eating at fancy restaurants. Win! I'm going with Michael for an adults only trip over Memorial Day, we're taking my parents to Las Vegas for their 40th anniversary (their choice), & I'm doing a girls trip with my best friend & sister in July. Here's us last year on our first ever girls trip. It was fabulous. After a long day at the cabana, involving at least one bottle of champagne. . .

5) I'm addicted to edamame & cottage cheese. Not together. These two items generally make up the base of my lunch, and then I build the rest of the meal around them. I'm obsessed. I have to portion out the edamame, or I'll eat way too much & get a giant stomach ache later. Not that I've done this before by eating an entire bag from Trader Joes.

Food from yesterday:
Yesterday was another good eating day. Any time I can get stay home & remain on track without falling into a bag of Pirate's Booty, life is good. Plus, I got in two workouts yesterday (a run + 60 minutes on the elliptical, which kicked my butt), so I was hungry.
  • Breakfast - coffee, an egg sauteed with spinach & feta on an everything bagel thin
  • Snack - apple & dried fruit/nuts
  • Lunch - Fuji apple chicken salad + 1/2 chicken salad from Panera. I didn't like Panera's new chicken salad sandwich. I should have stuck with my old favorite - Mediterranean Veggie. YUM.
  • Snack - grapes, vegetables + hummus
  • Dinner - 1 piece of vegetable pizza, with a side of tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes on top of my pizza which had tomatoes + sun dried tomatoes cooked on it. I'm not obsessed with tomatoes or anything.
  • Snack - (after I got back from the gym I was starving) - apple

1) When I got home from my run today, I inhaled my lunch. Seriously, inhaled. Do you ever get stomach aches from eating too quickly? Does this happen to you after you run?

2) What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Ahhh your dresses are so cute!! I do the same thing with lists for packing, too funny! You are so darn cute!

  2. you are going to have SO much fun! SO JEALOUS!

  3. Oh my goodness you are SUCH a better packer than me. I dread packing so much and usually forget a ton of stuff. I usually focus so much on packing for the baby that I forget something critical for me (like underwear).

    I don't get super hungry right after a run, it's usually the next day. Maybe you need to add a snack 30min before you workout so you're not starving by the end?

  4. Ahhh I'm so jealous of your vacation! Have fun, and rock that bikini :)

    I'll be studying all weekend. Gross.

  5. I can't say I get stomach aches after a run. I'm still working on the GI issues DURING a run. Man, after would be awesome. At least I could get through the run!