Monday, April 25, 2011

A case of the Mondays

Greetings, lovely ladies. I'm having a hard time being back at work today after my wonderful vacation! We had a great Easter & the weather at the beach was awesome on Friday & Saturday. Now we're back to rain in Seattle. I didn't get a chance to wear anything very Easter-y yesterday, because I had to wear my fleece & rain boots for the egg hunt. So today I wore hot pink in honor of my favorite Easter color. I have to get our Easter pictures off of the other camera, but I will post them soon.

In the first picture, I really look like someone who is overjoyed to be back at work, don't I? ;-)

  • Hot pink sweater with gold sequined pockets - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Cream tank top - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Bootcut jeans - Vigoss, BP/Nordstrom
  • Gold pearl necklace - Jcrew
  • Black sequined wedges - Alfani/Macys
  • Frizzy hair - courtesy of dropping the kids off in the rain this morning
  • Gorgeous bathroom setting & dorky face - always mine!
For the first time ever, I did not totally gorge myself at Easter. Small steps, people! I think I had about 100 calories of candy in total yesterday, which must be some kind of personal record. I think my calories netted out around 1700, so higher than I normally shoot for, but definitely okay for a holiday
  • Breakfast - spinach, egg, & laughing cow on a wheat english muffin + coffee & strawberries
  • Brunch - 2 mimosas, 2 mini Costco sandwiches, pasta salad, a ton of fruit, & 2 handfuls of baked cheetos
  • Snack - 1 bite of Sam's cupcake, & a handful of Easter candy
  • Dinner - 1 glass of wine, a sliced tomato, 1/2 cup pasta salad & 1.5 mini burgers
The scale says I'm up .2 lbs from Thursday, so I'm not terribly worried. Hopefully after a few days of being back from vacation, I'll be on a downward trend again.

Today my training plan calls for 4 easy miles, so I'm planning to run at lunch. In the rain. Ick. But, preferable to the treadmill.

Questions of the day:

1) How much Easter candy did you eat yesterday?
2) Would you rather run on the treadmill, or in the rain?


  1. wow! awesome job with the easter candy! seriously some kind of record for most self control ever.

  2. I didn't do Easter candy yesterday but there WAS a Chinese buffet incident that I don't want to talk about.

    Also...I LOVE the treadmill. So treadmill all the way for me. Although, if it's summer...I'll go for rain too. But only a sprinkle.

    p.s. super cute jeans!

  3. No Easter candy for me! I am so proud of myself.

    I have never ran in the rain, but I would like to. However, I do love my treadmill....with 5 kids I don't many chance to run outside.

    Look forward to following your blog!

  4. Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

    I actually stayed away from the Easter candy.....however I did partake in the desserts!

    Can't say i've ever run in the rain, but I loathe the tm so if I had to choose between the two, rain it is.

  5. Great control around the easter candy, I'm impressed!
    I'm a wuss...I would pick treadmill over rain!

  6. Eh, don't sweat that 0.2 lbs. It'll be back down in no time, and that's pretty awesome after vacation! I also kept the candy to a minimum yesterday, but I may have had quite a bit of carrot cake :) haha

  7. I'd rather run in the rain any day! I still have Easter candy, it's not really a big deal for me to only eat a bit at a time. I actually always have tons of candy, so it's no different than any other day of the year. :)