Saturday, April 23, 2011

A day in numbers

  • 6:30 - time I got up on my vacation so I would have time to squeeze my long run in before the town Easter egg hunt
  • 6.01 - Miles run today
  • 1:03:28 - amount of time it took me to run my longest distance ever
  • 3 - numbers of bugs I swallowed while running
  • 2 - number of times I spit on myself due to wind
  • 1 - number of times I peed in the woods
  • 49 - pieces of candy the boys collected at the egg hunt
  • 9 - pieces of candy they consumed in under five minutes
  • 3 - pieces of salt water taffy Nick stuffed into his mouth at once before I caught him
  • 250 - calories in the tortellini pasta salad I'm bringing to our Easter brunch tomorrow
  • 2 - number of mimosas I plan to consume at our brunch
  • 34 - days without shaving my legs. Poor Michael!
  • 12 - minutes I had to get ready between my run & the egg hunt (should explain the picture)
  • $17 - spent on knock off Lululemon jacket from Costco
  • 2 - margaritas I plan to consume on the deck tonight
  • 1625 - total calories consumed yesterday
  • 4 - times I played CandyLand today
  • 4 - times I got smoked at CandyLand by a 5 year old
  • 10 - how I feel about today, on a scale of 1-10
Coral jacket - Tuff Athletics (Costco)
White tshirt - Ann Taylor Loft
Skinny jeans - Gap
Blue metallic/leather thongs - Gap
Giraffe Easter basket - Target :-)


  1. Awesome day, looks like you're having a great time on vacation!
    Congrats on your longest run EVER!!!!

  2. way to muliti-task! love it!

  3. Lots of numbers, but I enjoyed it!
    You look pretty in coral.
    Good job for squeezing in a run that early despite being on vacation.

    Samosas usually have potatoes, vegetables (like English peas, carrots, maybe corn?), all seasoned with curry spices. Then, you will stuff all the fillings into a crust and fry it. I changed it up: I added chicken breast for some protein, made it into a pie, and baked it to cut down on prep time and fat. :)

  4. Bugs are forever attracted to me when I run. I swear they just fly right into my mouth all grimey like.

  5. Christina - YUM! That sounds fantastic. I love to cook, so I'll have to give that a try.

    lolz - totally. I want even get into how awesome it was to cough for 10 minutes because one was stuck in my throat. Good times. :-)

  6. Love your blog...thanks for the comment! Sounds like you are having a blast on vacation minus the puking. Almost got that jacket at costco. If they had the coral color you have, I would have been sold!!

  7. Love your blog and love your coral jacket gorgeous girl!!! AMAZING RUN!!! Yay for a PERSONAL DISTANCE RECORD!! That tortellini pasta sounds amazing!

  8. Congratulations on your amazing run!! I hit a new distance record today too :) Happy Easter!!

  9. Great job on running 6 miles!!!

    34 days without shaving? Nice! My husband always makes fun of me for missing spots on my legs when I shave and I threaten to just stop shaving all together. :)