Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm at home with Nick today, who has the stomach flu. Good times were had by all last night, as he kept getting out of bed & hurling throughout random rooms in the house, & then wandering back to bed in a stupor. It was like a frat house around here.

My eating has not been great (I struggle when my routine gets out of whack & I'm at home unexpectedly). Lame, I know. I also haven't run since Saturday, & I'm definitely getting antsy. I've convinced Michael to come home at lunch so I can squeeze in a quick run and not feel like I've completely abandoned my training plan.

I'm currently rocking an old sweatshirt & yoga pants, so I'm definitely a sight.

Nick was not down with the idea of me taking his picture this morning, so I'll leave you with this one from last August.

Oh no, I'm sick! (Okay, he's really covering his ears because of a loud train whistle, but this is the best I've got after 3 hours of sleep.) :-)
Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


  1. Your husband is pretty awesome for coming home at lunch so you can run. Mine would just laugh if I asked that :)

  2. I hope he feels better soon. =( Poor guy.

    When my routine goes out the window I have the *hardest* time eating right, too.

  3. I think there's a stomach virus going around because my little guy has been a little under the weather today also. Hope Nick feels better! Enjoy your run.

  4. Awww... hope he feels better soon. It's no fun to have a family member sick. Hopefully you're able to enjoy the day home at least a little bit!

  5. Kara - he's a rock star. Plus, we work at the same company so we get each others work & are good at swapping coverage depending on what the other person has going on. He's a good guy. :)

  6. Rose - why is that, I wonder? I eat total junk when I'm lounging around the house. But if I'm home on a weekend and/or plan for it, I do great. I also think that I eat better when I run. It's like one good thing begets another. And I don't like "wasting" a run by filling my body with a bunch of junk.