Sunday, April 3, 2011

Painting party

Sunday afternoon happenings:
My best friend's daughter had her birthday party at a pottery painting place. I bravely took my four and five year old boys. Lots of near misses with both paint and racks of pottery, but all in all it went well.

Nick, attempting a soccer ball:

Sam, with his whale. And why yes, that is my new top I bought yesterday. :-) Excuse the dorky expression on my face.

I need chicken recipe ideas. I love making chicken breasts & then adding them to spinach salad, but we've been making our two current favorites *a lot*. I need other ideas. Here are two of our favorites - crunchy paremsan chicken tenders (bonus because our kids love them) and balsamic chicken cutlets. We don't make Rachel Ray's salad/dressing in the recipe - we just follow the chicken part.

Any quick & easy chicken recipes that would be suitable for then adding to a salad?

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  1. We eat chicken a lot! But not really over salads.. haha. Mostly in casseroles/stir frys. One of my favorites is this:

    It's a stirfry... but still pretty healthy! Chicken, veggies, brown rice, and a sweet sauce.

    Those parmesan chicken tenders look good!