Sunday, April 3, 2011

I went shopping

I broke my self-imposed shopping ban yesterday, & picked up a few things for spring:

These babies (Jeffrey Campbell, Zuma), in the cognac color. These may very well be the most comfortable sandals I've ever tried on. I have high hopes that they will last & be a fabulous spring/summer addition:
Jeffrey Campbell 'Zuma' Wedge Sandal
This Olivia Moon top, but in a silver/white stripe. The fit of it is extremely cute, & the ruching on the sleeves is very flattering.
Olivia Moon Ruched Top

Cute & casual, for the summer (Express):

And this one. It is extremely flattering on (also Express):

I didn't run yesterday (it as my rest day), but I did do a lot of walking with my mom. We shopped for 5+ hours, so I hopefully burned a few calories that way. I did do some speed work today & did a quick 20 minute workout, finally breaking into the 7 minute pace range. I was running like someone was chasing me, but I could only maintain that pace for very short distances. Hopefully I'll be improving it over time. If you're an experienced runner, what do you think is the best method to improve your speed?


  1. these clothes are adorable! good buys! : )

  2. Thanks! We had a blast & it's kind of sad, but shopping is really quite fun. I wish it wasn't, but I love it. :-)