Monday, April 11, 2011

Around & Around

I'm back from our wonderful trip to the beach! I had two great runs on Thursday & Friday, & loved running with the gorgeous scenery.

Spring Break:
The boys had a blast hanging out with their cousins (my sister & her two boys joined us on Friday), riding bikes, & playing games. Good times were had by all.

The whole crew (it's kind of hard to get 4 kids to pose for you):

Sam thinks he might be too old for the merry go round:

Nick was having a blast:

Sam & my sister on the bumper cars:

I came home from my run on Friday & my ankle wasn't feeling great. I don't remember twisting it or doing anything specific, but it is still a bit swollen, so I took Saturday & Sunday as rest days. I have my 5K (my first ever race!) on Sunday, so I'm trying to take it easy this week. I'm hopeful that I can squeeze in an easy run today. If not, I'll cross train.

Weight loss:
I think this might be the first time ever that I lost weight on vacation. I'm so proud of myself! It helped that my sister (who is my partner in weight loss) was also there. I stuck to my plan, indulged with a drink (or two) every night, but kept my calories within my planned ranged, skipped dessert & ate lots of healthy food. I also ran on Thursday & Friday & went for a bike ride with the kids on Friday. I'm very close to breaking into a new weight range, so I've been motivated to keep pushing. Hopefully this week will be the week that I can make that happen!

I'm back at work this week (boo!), and trying to put on a cheery face. Neither of my boys were ready to go back to school today. My youngest (Nick) said on the drive to school, "I want to still be on spring break today, Mommy. I'm having a bad day." He's a total ham.

Here are the details:
Blue tank with jeweled beading - Express
Blue & white striped "nautical" jacket - Arden B
Dark wash jeans - Seven, Dojo fit
Black patent flats - Nordstrom. My favorites, as you probably can tell. :-)

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!


  1. Congrats on losing weight while on vacation! I remember when I did that a couple years ago, I went to California for a week and came back 1.5 lbs lighter; I couldn't believe it!

    Good luck on your race on Sunday!! I know you will do great, I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. You look great! And what a nice post-vacation surprise. Take care of that ankle and good luck with your race on Sunday.

  3. YAY 5K in a week! what an awesome vacation accomplishment.

  4. Cute outfit! Congrats on weekend weight loss too, that's impressive! I always eat a little extra on vacation but somehow the extra activity that you get to fit in seems really fun so it balance out. You must be so excited for your first 5K!

  5. GOOD LUCK this weekend! Sounds like the smart choice to take a few rest days for that bum ankle.

    Love that jacket - my friend bought a similar one this weekend and I was tempted to try and sneak it out of her bag and into mine when she wasn't looking. No dice.

  6. Losing weight on vacay?! Awsome! Sounds like you were super active! Take that momentum into the week--your outfits are always so flattering!!!

  7. Thanks, ladies! I'm so excited that I was able to keep things headed in the right direction on my vacation. It's nice to make progress while having fun.

    Sarah - my jacket was $5 at one of those random Arden B sales a few years ago. It used to be a bit too tight, but I loved it so much I bought it anyway. And now it fits. You totally should have snuck it into your bag. ;-) I'm a stripe lover.