Monday, April 18, 2011

It's really Monday

Good morning, all you lovely ladies out there! I hope you had a fabulous weekend.

I'm still pretending like it's spring here in Washington, despite the fact that some of the higher elevation towns near me got a dusting of snow this morning. Um, really, Mother Nature? We put up with your 9 months of rain & cloud cover without so much as a peep, but snow in April? We need to have a talk.

Once again, poor photography skills requires me to use more pictures than necessary to depict exactly what I'm wearing.

Sweater - Ann Taylor Loft. New, purchased over the weekend at their 40% off sale.
Tank top - Ann Taylor Loft. (Are you shocked? ;-)) I love how their colors across multiple years/seasons coordinate.
Jeans - Nordstrom, I think the brand is Vigoss. I bought them in the junior's section a few years ago.
Heart necklace - Tiffany & co. Valentine's gift from Michael.
Shoes - I like these shoes & wanted to show you additional details, but it was hard to get it all into one picture. So, here are two for you. :-) They are Alfani, from Macy's. I got them at the end of the season last summer for $12.
 And why yes, that is a chip on my big toe, courtesy of my run this weekend. I like to keep it classy here.

I would describe yesterday's food as very average. The reason? I got up really early to eat/digest before my run, & then didn't eat lunch for 7 more hours. That meant I was ravenous by lunch, which I'm sure you can tell by my intake. I went over my calories by 500+. Ick. :-( Fail. Sadly, my stomach was still growling when I went to bed last night. I think my stomach believes that I ran a marathon yesterday, vs a 5K.

  • Breakfast (pre-run) - coffee & peanut butter toast
  • Snack (right after race) - banana & mini Starbucks vanilla scone
  • Lunch - Chipotle burrito bowl. Entire thing. I ALWAYS eat 1/2 of this & save the rest for a second meal, but yesterday? Not so much. And I finished off my gigantic lunch with a handful of Easter candy.
  • Dinner - 2 glasses of celebratory wine, 1 piece of vegetarian pizza and a side of tomatoes.
I'm taking a rest day today, so that I can kick off my 1/2 marathon training tomorrow! Super excited for that.

Question of the day:
If you're a mom, or you run with/know other moms in this situation, how do you handle races? Who watches your kids? I don't have family close by, all races start before I could get a babysitter to my house, and if I have my husband watch the kids, then no one can be there with me. And yesterday I discovered that it would be a lot more fun to attend with someone else.


  1. My friend Michelle usually drops off her kids with her husband's mom. Or her husband will usually watch them. And then he's come out for a couple of the races with the kids to watch us finish. The kids have a lot of fun cheering on their mommy. :-)

    Nice clothes buys, by the way. Looks like you and I had the same weekend. :-)

  2. it's ok that you ate more. you raced and you did awesome! your weekend sounds like a win to me!

  3. My husband stays home with the baby and if it's nice, he brings her to the finish line (like for my marathon) so she doesn't get bored.

    I usually race with friends from my mommy running group, so maybe try to find a running buddy to solve the problem of running alone? Any bloggers near to you maybe?

  4. Great run!!! Your hair looks adorable and you always sport the cutest attire!!

    Running may amp up your appetite and if you make healthy choices, eat up!!

  5. Thanks, ladies. Lots of good ideas. I do think finding a running partner will help. That way, Michael can hang with the kids & I won't be solo. Win/Win.
    Jess - thanks! I'm getting used to the shorter hair. It's hard to put back into a ponytail, though. It requires lots of clips, bands, etc.