Sunday, April 17, 2011

5K race recap

First up, I had a blast. I have never run in any sort of event before (minus middle school track, which I really hope doesn't count ;-)), & just being there with the music & crowd was a ton of fun. It was a little tricky logistically to be on my own & have to carry my keys, etc. I was also really sad that I didn't have anyone to hold a warmer coat for me while I was waiting for the race to start or to cheer when I came through the finish area, but I survived. It was just under 40 degrees & I was there for about an hour before we started to run & I was COLD.

I was wearing gloves, but all of my fingers were white & then eventually purple. When I started to warm up (about a mile in), my fingers started to hurt. I also felt like my legs were bricks of ice for about the first mile, but eventually hit a good stride. The first 1/2 mile was slow as people were adjusting their pace, I was dodging folks with dogs and strollers, etc. I pushed myself hard & I think I could have come close to 30 minutes if I had had a better first 1/2 mile. There were more hills than I expected, and the last hill (I think it was between 2.75 miles to the finish) was especially painful. I listened to Club Can't Handle Me Right Now, on repeat, about three times the last stretch. Rock on! :-) My Garmin said I ran 3.27 miles, and quite a few folks were saying the course was a little longer than it was supposed to be. I'm still waiting for my official time, but my Garmin said I finished it in 32:26 minutes. Regardless, I'll take it.

*ETA - the race results show I finished in 32:22, so a pace of 10:26. I finished 13/54 in my division, and 230 out of 629 overall. It also says that the top winner was 16 years old & ran a race of 18 minutes. The top female finisher was 43 - super inspiring to know that I have the potential to get better as I age. ;-)

The race was a little crowded, but I have no idea what's normal, as this is the first race I've ever been to (as a spectator or runner). There were a few stands after the race, and Starbucks was giving away coffee & mini vanilla scones. Yum! They also had bananas, oranges, water, & mini Clif bars. Qdoba was also giving away free tacos, but I couldn't hang with that idea at 9:00 am. I did see quite a few people putting them down, though. There was also a kids race after the 5K/10K, and I'd love to take the boys next year if they're interested.

Now I am researching 10Ks. I would love to do a 10K before my 1/2 marathon in July, & I feel like I could have done more today. Not a full 10K of running, but I do feel like I had more gas & I wasn't as exhausted as I expected.

Overall, I loved it & I'll definitely be running in races again. I had basically no knee/ankle/shin pain today, so I'm extremely grateful for that. I'm kicking off my 1/2 marathon training next week, as the 1/2 is in 13 weeks. Yeah!

I woke up at 5:30 (race started at 8:15) so I could eat breakfast (peanut butter toast) & hydrate with enough time to not pee my pants on the run. Mission accomplished, which is something I was really worried about on my pre-runs. :-) Me, looking a little tired around 6:00 am.

Still waiting for the race photos, but I'll add those when I have them.


  1. Congrats on the race! You did so well, especially considering the crazy cold!

  2. Great job!

    I wore a throwaway layer before my race this weekend (a too big long sleeve cotton race tee) so I could just throw that on the side of the start line right before the race starts. Also, a SpiBelt is great for holding your keys while running.

  3. YAY! I'm so excited for you! Great race time, girl.

  4. Nice job! You smoked my PR by about 15 seconds ;)