Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Closing the gap

First up, the sun is out in Seattle & that always puts a smile on my face. It's cold (35 - brrrr!), but it's supposed to warm up later in the day. Michael is always saying that we need to move to San Diego so I can enjoy the sunshine year round. Maybe someday! :-)

I am very excited, because when I got on the scale this morning, I discovered that I only have 5 pounds of baby weight left. I'm officially in the home stretch! Michael & I are having a fabulous adult only weekend in Las Vegas over Memorial Day (36 days away, not that I'm counting down or anything), & my goal is to have officially lost the baby weight by that trip.

Because I will be rockin' this little beauty (I wear mine with straps, but close enough. . . ):


Trina Turk Palm Sola Bandeau - Nordstrom
PS - if I could ever manage to achieve that color on my pasty white skin, I'd be thrilled. Sadly, self tanner gives me a Snooki-like-look, even when I use the palest color. I believe I've tried every product on the market, but I'm giving it another go next week & will do a product review. Bad or good, I'll share my results with you, in case you too are seeking a slightly tan, non-oompa loompa look.

Today is my cross-train/strength day. I'm planning to do 30 minutes on the bike, 30 minutes on the elliptical, & then arms/abs/back. For those of you who are currently training or have trained before for a 1/2 marathon, do you have a training plan you would recommend? I just started yesterday, & I'm currently doing the Fitness intermediate training plan. But I discovered that it's only 8 weeks, & I have 12 weeks until the 1/2.

I tried a protein smoothie for the first time yesterday, & it wasn't bad. I think I still need to work on tweaking it, but it was drinkable. I blended apple juice, greek yogurt, protein powder, a banana & frozen strawberries together. Next time I'll cut the apple juice & greek yogurt & add water.
  • Breakfast: coffee, gatorade (post-run), coffee, protein smoothie, split an egg on a bagel thin with Michael
  • Snack: handful of dried fruit/nuts
  • Lunch: apple, 1/2 of a chipotle burrito bowl, chocolate milk
  • Snack: mandarin, apple
  • Dinner: tortellini with 1 tbsp shaved parmesan, diced tomato, edamame
I'm thinking that these pants are ready to retire, unless I can get them to shrink. Which is a bummer, because I love them! They are getting baggy in the crotch region, which is never cute. And yes, I did cut my head off, but managed to get my shoes in the picture today. Small steps, people. :-)

  • Black cardigan with jewel buttons - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Purple gathered shell - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Silver necklace - Macy's
  • Black cropped pants - Jcrew, City Fit
  • Black wedges - Alfani (Macy's)
  • Dorky smile & frizzy hair - still mine!

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! Please recommend a training plan, if you have one. Or a self-tanner for super pale chicks, if you also have that. :-)


  1. you are so cute! i love your outfits and i LOVE that swimsuit. : )

  2. The swimsuit is gorgeous! How exciting to have a grown-up getaway to look forward to!

  3. I still haven't worn a swimsuit post baby since I STILL have a linea nigra on my stomach. I probably will bare it all this summer, but for now I'll keep it covered. :)

    Hal Higdon has great training plans. I recommend his beginner one for you:

  4. I LOVE that binkini! You will lose you last 5 pounds in less than 36 days and totally rock the baniki!!!

  5. You can totally lose those last 5 lbs before your trip, you got this no problem!

    Protein shakes take a while to perfect and find something that tastes the best to you. The type of protein powder can also make a huge difference in the taste, I'm pretty picky about mine.

  6. well no wonder you have had so much success losing baby weight -- quite a strict regimen you are on! Sounds challenging, so kudos to you.

    Love that bathing suit, and I bet you could rock it no matter what your skin tone