Thursday, April 28, 2011

Doubling up

I'm still at home with Nick (he has strep throat), and he is getting very bored at home. Here's hoping that he feels better tomorrow. From the minute Sam leaves for school, Nick starts asking where he is & when he'll be home again. He misses his brother & best bud.

I got up at 5:30 this morning so I could squeeze in a work out. My plan is to do another cardio (non-running workout) sometime today to make up for one of the cross training workouts I missed earlier in the week. That will be dependent on my energy level this evening. Fingers crossed. My right hamstring was killing me on my run this morning (should have stretched after my run yesterday), so I had to walk the last 1/2 mile. Ouch. I stretched out quite a bit this afternoon, & things definitely feel looser.

Yesterday's run time: 4.5 miles in 48:35 minutes
Today's run time: 4.26 miles in 49.39 minutes

Yesterday was a much better eating day. I planned things out, stayed on track & generally just tried to follow my normal plan. I usually struggle when I'm home unexpectedly during the day & snack a lot.

  • Breakfast - spinach & egg on a bagel thin, strawberries, coffee
  • Snack - dried fruit & nuts
  • Lunch - edamame, cottage cheese, 1/2 piece margarita pizza
  • Snack - apple & 1/2 of a homemade banana muffin
  • Dinner - vegetables & hummus, homemade spaghetti sauce + 1/2 c noodles
Rather than showing you a picture of my yoga pants & tshirt today (thrilling, again), I thought I would show you what I stumbled over this morning. If you've ever lost weight, maybe you have reached a point where it's hard to remember that you've made progress & it feels like you're stuck. Today I found these pictures from late summer/fall & they definitely reminded me that I've come a long way: I am not posting these to make fun of myself, but to remember that my body is actually changing & my hard work is paying off!

I can tell the biggest difference in my face, stomach, & arms.

And on that note, I just realized that I'm leaving for Las Vegas 4 weeks from tomorrow! I cannot wait! My parents are watching the boys, and it's an early birthday trip for Michael. We're planning to rent a cabana & hang out by the pool, get massages, shop (me), gamble (Michael), & enjoy long dinners in non-kid-friendly restaurants. I can't wait!! It's the perfect fitness & bikini inspiration I need to kick it into high gear for these next few weeks.

Question for you: do you use pictures as motivation? I like looking back & seeing how far I've come, or how I used to look. It's nice to see progress.

Question #2: what is your next upcoming vacation? Describe it & make me jealous! :-)


  1. I DEFINITELY use old pictures of me as motivation. I gained a lot of unhealthy weight my senior year of college and whenever I see them I'm like... SHOOT GIRL. Don't go back there.

    I NEED to get outta town but I don't have a vaca planned! I would love to go even just to Indiana to see my parents. Luke works at church so we have to be here on the weekends! Our honeymoon in CANCUN was great, though. :)

  2. Almost - exactly! It's a nice reminder of why you work hard & for me, remembering that I didn't like the way I felt. I'll suffer through the occasional bad workout & missed cookie or whatever so I can feel good about myself.

    You should plan a solo weekend with your family. And, Cancun sounds really great right now!

  3. Wow--there is such a difference between these pics. What amazing motivation!
    I use photos so the changes I've made in my life can be reflected in the changes in my body!
    I'm heading out to LA to visit a dear friend for a weekend in June. Can't wait!

  4. Pictures are a great motivator, at least for me. They show you where you have come from, especially on days where you're feeling stagnant. My Mom lost over 50 pounds with Weight Watchers and has maintained it for many years now. She absolutely hates to look at her old pictures; instead, she opts to display new photos. To each their own.

    Your progress is fantastic! You're totally going to rock Vegas.

  5. vacation for me starts tomorrow! Eugene! and running a marathon...

    in three weeks, I'll be in vegas for a bachelorette. I'm excited, but nervous because I haven't partied hard in a few years.

    I promise to answer your Q about morning run fueling in a future post -- I love saving up questions and posting answer :) The short answer for now is: if I run before 7, no fuel. If it's a weekend and I run after 7, I usually have a banana, pretzels, or quick sugar (jellybeans, licorice, etc)

  6. Strep throat is the worst! I hope your son feels better soon :/

    I love looking at old pictures for motivation. Sometimes my friends come across old photos of me (on facebook or whatever) and they tell me that I don't look like the same person anymore but they don't really notice it everyday because they've gotten used to me being so much smaller. It's always nice to hear :) you look fabulous, btw :)

    no upcoming vacations for me. *tear*

  7. I'm look back at old pictures and think, I never want to be there again. And I feel like my hair gets better as I get thinner. LOL So, also, there is motivation to never have bad hair again even though I'm sure those things don't correlate at all. :-P

  8. I look at old pictures of myself too when I was about 10 lbs heavier and its' great motivation! way to go for getting so far in your weight loss!

    next vaca for me is my hubby's block leave which is 3 weeks. we're visiting family and heading to the OBX for part of it! yay!!

  9. I don't know, you look pretty smokin' in that blue dress :)

  10. Congrats on such amazing progress! Yay for Vegas!! I JUST got back form AZ, so no new vacays in the future!