Friday, April 1, 2011

Running in the rain

Michael & I both took the day off today to have an entire day to spend together, sans children. It was fabulous on many levels. We went for a run this morning, & the weather was extremely cold & rainy, but it was a great run. We did 3.16 miles in 31 minutes, which is actually fast for me. We had to walk the last stretch, after Michael hurt his knee. Poor guy - hope he's okay!

I am extremely glamorous here, and every pore of my body is wet. Rain was dripping down my face, which is always a good time.

Don't be jealous of my hot look. :-)

And, in huge news (for me!), I finally cut off my scary hair! If you recall from this post, I've been trying to grow out the color with horrible results. Today I took the plunge and went a lot shorter, to get rid of a bunch of the grow out. I think I'll be all clear by the next cut. I'm not a huge fan of my hair this short, because I have a wicked round face, but I figured the less flattering shorter cut was better than the scary grow out.

Quite a bit better than this, I think:

Anyway, after the run & mandatory hair cut, we went to our favorite date spot (Costco, of course) & picked up the produce for the week, had a fabulous lunch & went toThe Lincoln Lawyer. Matthew is looking pretty old, and Ryan Phillipe is yum (despite his questionable personal life) & we both loved the movie.

How about you guys? Any big plans for the weekend? My mom is coming up tomorrow & we're spending the entire day together - lunch out, shopping, & dinner. Food & shopping - love it! I will probably be breaking my self-imposed shopping ban this weekend, but I'm okay with that. :-) My two favorite pair of pants are too big on me, and I think I deserve proper sizing after losing some weight. I'm shooting to lose 15 pounds by July, but I've lost 27 since Christmas 2009. It's been a long, slow process, but I'm working on it.

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