Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning - the speed edition

Michael travels quite a bit for work, which makes weekday mornings very interesting. :-) Here's a brief sampling from today:

4:45 am - I'm woken up by someone staring in my face, telling me that his blanket is "lost". I stagger down to Nick's room, & find it on the floor. Apparently, he could find his way to my room at 4:45, but couldn't lift the blanket from the floor back to his bed.
5:15 am - still attempting to fall back asleep. Thinking of all the things I need to do this morning. Consider getting up & running on the treadmill. Reject that idea. Fall back asleep.
6:00 am - wake up, make coffee, run a load of laundry, pack gym clothes, slice fruit for breakfast
6:30 am - first boy wakes up (Nick), who then decides to wake up second boy (Sam). Get a Transformers cartoon going for the boys so I can make their choice of breakfast - waffles.
7:00 am - make waffles & the rest of breakfast, scarf down my own breakfast, remind boys to eat their food 727 times while I clean up the kitchen.
7:30 am - get out all clothes for the boys, corral them into changing (Sam can get his own clothes on, but it takes 10+ minutes, & Nick needs assistance), brushing their teeth, etc.
7:40 am - realize I have 10 minutes left in the morning & I am still wearing pajamas & I look like a wreck. Start madly washing face, brushing teeth, reminding kids (again) to finish their breakfast, throw on some eyeliner & lip gloss
7:45 am - grab the first pair of jeans I can see in my closet & proceed to build an outfit around that. I will be showering today, but it will be after my work out at lunch. I promise that I don't skip showers.
7:50 am - find all three lunches that I packed last night, wrangle the kids into the garage for shoes & coats, & we're off!
8:00 am - school drop off
8:15 am - emergency Starbucks run to help me get through the four hours of meetings I have this morning. Skinny caramel macchiato - you complete me.

On the way to school, I was trying to remind the boys of the importance of breakfast, & was drawing a comparison between cars needing fuel, & how they need fuel. How breakfast is the most important meal of the day, etc. After about 90 seconds, my four year old interrupted me & said, "Mommy, that's a lot of talking." Nice. Nothing but love. :-)

It's cold, cold, cold in Washington, but I'm pushing on as though spring is here & wearing my sandals. I'm sick of boots!

Black jacket - Banana Republic
Fuchsia short sleeved top - Ann Taylor Loft
Amethyst necklace - Tiffany & co
Jeans - Sevens, circa 2002?
Black sandals - Ann Taylor Loft
Hair sticking up in the front, no shower & general lack of makeup - all mine, courtesy of my cutie pies

Today is my last planned run before my 5K on Sunday. And, I found out that my best friend is considering training for the 1/2 marathon with me in July. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristy! It would be so much fun to have a partner in pain. :-) We are heading to Las Vegas for a girls only trip the weekend following the half marathon, so that would be perfect motivation to get bikini ready while training. If you're wondering how I could possibly plan to run a 1/2 marathon in July when I'm just getting comfortable running a 5K. . . please join me in that thought. ;-) My goal is actually to be able to run 1/2 of it, and I'm okay with walking the over half. If I can run more than that, outstanding, but that's my goal at the moment. I kick start my official training next week, after my 5K. I just want to build another goal into my schedule, so I stay motivated with my running.

What is your morning routine like?


  1. Your morning routine is crazy! I have 2 babies but they're cats which makes my morning waaaay easier than yours! I'm so impressed you managed to look so put together every day even with all that going on :)

  2. You're going to do awesome in your half marathon!! Just be consistent with your training and you'll be fine! That was my biggest mistake, not sticking to my training plan. Having a friend/running partner will make a world of difference!


  3. Oh man, my morning routine with the baby is so easy compared to your morning! Also, she can't tell me I'm talking too much and I like that :)