Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm feeling blue

Not depressed/blue, but I really wanted to wear blue today. I'm a blue-eyed, sort-of blondie, so all shades of blue work for me. I have a work meeting, so I needed to dress up a bit more than usual. I'm not in love with the tights & shoes together, as I thought the tights were a darker gray color (my first time wearing them). They ended up being pretty sheer. I wanted to wear flats again today because my knee & ankle is still feeling a bit funky. I actually love the navy tank that I have on under the sweater, and the outfit looked extremely cute with just the tank & skirt. But, not office appropriate & very chilly given our current 42 degree temperature.

Here's what I ended up with. (Okay, this picture turned out the lamest ever. You can't see the sparkly fabric weaved into the skirt, the front ruffles on the sweater, or anything. I could be wearing a black garbage bag for all you know. I'll try again tomorrow with a better picture. I took an additional close up of the skirt to give you a better idea. :-)

The entire outfit is from Ann Taylor Loft, with the exception of the tights - Limited.

Food:I had the best lunch ever today. It was kind of a smorgasbord of things, but it was fabulous.
Breakfast - whole wheat english muffin + 1/2 a laughing cow cheese + egg, with strawberries & coffee
Lunch: carrots + hummus, Dr Kracker + hummus, with 3 slices of turkey & 1 piece of havarti
Snack: fruit smoothie I got talked into at the gym. It was delicious, but I'm not sure what was in it.
Dinner: I'm planning to have a big salad of sorts. Toppings are unknown at this point, but will include my lovah, feta. And maybe a Greek yogurt for dessert, depending on how my calories shape up at the end of the day. Michael is out of town for the next few days, so I'll be having easy, throw-together dinners. Yeah!

I feel like I should confess. I'm obsessed with Starburst. This is a totally recent thing - I've always "liked" Starburst, but lately they are my all time favorite snack.What's up with that? I'm going to have to copy this awesome lady & change the name of my blog to Running off the Starburst, if I don't slow down my Starburst consumption.

I went to the gym today with high hopes of doing a full run (3.5 miles), but my knee and ankle are still feeling not 100%. I don't want to screw things up before Sunday, so I did 1 mile on the treadmill (10 minute pace), switched to the bike for 5 minutes (but I was next to an extraordinarily smelly person & couldn't take it), & then did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I wrapped up with six sets on the Gravitron. I was sweaty by the end & felt like I had a good workout, but I miss running for longer periods of time. Hopefully things will be fully back by the end of the week.

Random photo:
It's Wacky Wednesday, so in honor of that, here's one of my favorite random photos. My husband and Nick at the beach this summer.

Question of the day:
When it's just you, what do you have for dinner? Do you prepare a complete meal, make something out of various snacks, eat a bowl of cereal or popcorn & call it a night? Inspire me. :-)


  1. When it's just me I hardly ever cook a "full" meal. I'll eat random leftovers, or a big salad, or bowls of cereal. I kind of prefer that sometimes
    I love reading your blog and seeing your outfits--they're great! :)

  2. Vanessa - thanks! Taking the pictures of my outfits has motivated me to break out of my rut of wearing the same thing every few weeks. I have a lot more in my closet than I thought! :-)

  3. I totally thought that skirt shot was a side shot of your boob at first glance. Hahahahaha wow. I thought my those are pointy!

  4. I like to post side shots of my boobs just to keep you guys coming back for more! ;-)