Thursday, May 26, 2011


Running (now known as "working out")
I had to trick myself to get up and workout this morning. I was not feeling it at 5:00 am, but I went to bed reminding myself that today would be my last workout before Las Vegas. It worked! I almost shut the alarm off and went back to sleep, but then I remembered that this was the last pre-vacation opportunity to get a little sweaty and tone my arms.

I did manage to break a sweat yesterday, and did 60 minutes on the bike. My ankle didn't seem to be impacted at all by the bike, so that was all goodness.

In slightly depressing news, my ankle is still pretty sore. I will not be wearing any of my hot shoes in Las Vegas.

So long, beautiful shoes. (Mine are black)

HalogenĀ® 'Lisette' Sandal
I'm also worried about my first ever half marathon coming up a week from Sunday. Fingers crossed that my ankle starts feeling better asap.

The sneakers helped yesterday, so they are back for another slightly inappropriate go at work again today.

  • Navy ruffle front sweater - Ann Taylor Loft
  • White tank top - Martin & Osa
  • Blue drop necklace - Tiffany & Co
  • Jeans - Sevens, super old
  • Sneaks - New Balance
Yesterday was a good day, all up, but I've noticed that I'm starting to snack quite a bit when I make lunches for the next day, so I need to work on that - totally unnecessary/snacky calories that could be used for a healthier snack.

  • Breakfast: coffee, pineapple, bagel thin + egg
  • Snack - dried fruit/nuts
  • Lunch - fruit smoothie + salad
  • Snack - 3 pieces of gummy candy
  • Dinner - 1 mahi mahi taco with mango salsa
  • Snack - 1 piece of turkey + 1 bite of cottage cheese
Tomorrow, Las Vegas is mine!

Speaking of Sin City, are you excited to see Hangover 2? Are you planning to see it this weekend? I won't be seeing it on vacation, but I can't wait to check it out. My favorite movie of all time. Hopefully they didn't ruin it with the sequel.

Do you ever play tricks/mind games on yourself to get in your workout? What works for you?


  1. I definitely play tricks. I really had to psyche myself up because I did a 5 mile tempo run this morning. I normally run outside but I wanted to do it on the treadmill to ensure I was consistent. I went to bed telling myself it was going to be the most awesome treadmill run ever... and it went great!

  2. I've got tickets to go see Hangover 2 tonight! I'm sure excited. It looked ever better than the first one from the previews, if that's even possible! I will let you know how it went. :)

  3. I heard Hangover 2 was the same basic movie as the first, which means it should still be hilarious!

  4. Ooooh, sounds good! I love that movie, & Michael & I quote it to each other regularly, as well as the lines from the Cars cartoon. Hangover + Cars. That's not a strange combination, is it? :-)

    HHR - nice work on your run! I dread the treadmill, & have to similarly psyche myself up :-)

  5. I am stoked to see Hangover Part 2! The first was so funny I hope part duex lives up to it. I am also super excited to see Bridesmaid. I have heard from everyone that it is hilarious!

    The thing I always tell myself when I do not want to workout is that I'll just take it easy, no big deal just get it done. And then I always end up working out hard cause it gets boring otherwise. And if I have a buddy! Having someone else always provides more motivation!

    Have fun in Vegas! Bummer about not getting to wear cute shoes tho :/