Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Today is fabulous, because it is once again sunny in Seattle, & I have a run scheduled. Maybe this will make up for Sunday's monsoon. :-)

My schedule has been nuts, & Michael has been traveling, so there were no options for me to adjust my workouts. I haven't run since Sunday, so I'm feeling a little behind. I did manage to eek out a cardio workout yesterday & went to the gym at 5:00 this morning to get in a second cardio workout. I have three runs for the rest of week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). I hate having all of the runs back to back, but it's now or never, kids! :-)

I'm heading out around lunch time for a girls only beach trip to celebrate my aunt's 50th birthday. Yay for girl time!

Here's my outfit from yesterday. It was much cuter without the white sweater, but my office is freezing.

  • White cardigan - Audrey, Jcrew
  • Brown tank top with gold beading - Anne Klein
  • Printed skirt - Jcrew
  • Gold gladiator sandals - Jcrew

Food has been good, although I had a huge cup of frozen yogurt yesterday, which necessitated a much smaller dinner than planned. Oops. I picked up cherries at Costco on Wednesday, and the taste is like a summer party in my mouth. I'm obsessed with summer produce.

Wish me luck staying on track with my eating at the girls party (only 1 week left until I have to rock the bikini!), & getting my runs in.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. CUTEST SKIRT EVER! and good job getting your runs in. that suuuucks that they had to be so close together.

  2. You'll do great!! And you look adorable as usual :)

  3. I SO need to be better about eating. I did a happy hour last night and was proud of myself for not ordering dessert after the pizza. When I got home, I had my no sugar added ice cream. Could have been worse right? Well, I still put a cup of Cocoa Pebbles on top of it. And graham crackers. And Nutella. < ---- no control
    This weekend, I'm going to try to keep myself busy doing things around the house that do not include eating everything in the pantry.
    Good luck at the girl's party!

  4. Nothing makes EVERYthing harder like when the husband travels! I know how hard it can be to fit stuff in when they're gone, so kudos!

  5. Have fun this weekend, sounds like a nice girls trip!