Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The countdown begins

I'm a little giddy today, because I just realized that two weeks from tomorrow, we're driving to my parents house to drop our kiddos off for Memorial Day weekend. The following day, we're flying to Las Vegas for a kids-only vacation. I am so, so excited. I adore my children, & they are the best thing in the world, but raising kids is exhausting, and a 24x7 job. Alone time with my husband is such a rare treat, but so fun. Every time we go on vacation together, I'm reminded that he is my best friend and just how much fun we have together.

The last time we went to Las Vegas, we had a beautiful room and had a cabana by the pool. Pure bliss.




I always try to stay reasonably in control of my weight on vacation, while still enjoying myself. I do this in a few ways (and, these strategies may be in complete opposition of how you like to operate on vacation, but sharing in case they are helpful). 1) I do at least some workouts on vacation. They may not be as long or as complete as my normal routine, but they make me feel good and the workouts also help me stay in reasonable shape, so I'm not starting over when I get home. 2) I try and plan my "splurges" for each day. For example, if I know we're going to my favorite steak house (S&W at the Wynn. Holy smokes. Amazing food), I plan my day around that and count on a much bigger than normal dinner. As a result, I may cut out a snack, have a light breakfast, etc. If we're going somewhere with phenomenal desserts, I'll adjust accordingly for the day. I don't stick to my normal calories (1500), but try and stay close to 2000 calories. For me, 2000 calories generally means maintaining my weight, which I'm comfortable with on vacation.

Anyway, on to today.

I have a meeting today and needed to dress up a bit:

  • Black sweater with gold bead buttons - JCrew
  • Black and gold necklace - Jcrew
  • Blue short-sleeved sweater - Banana Republic
  • Black pants - Gap, Alway Skinny
  • Black patent flats - Nordstrom
  • And yes, the zit from 2 weeks ago is still hanging around. What a delight.
Yesterday was a decent eating day, but my plan to have a big chicken salad for dinner was spoiled. After I got everything assembled, Michael pointed out that the chicken was not cooked all the way through. Drat. I recooked the chicken for another meal, but settled on a turkey sandwich for dinner. Boring, & not the 3-4 servings of vegetables I had planned.

  •  Snack (pre-workout at 5 am) - Mini Luna bar
  • Breakfast - coffee & banana + 2 pieces of Persian bread with feta cheese & strawberries
  • Lunch - 1 mini piece of pizza + cottage cheese + edamame
  • Snack - carrots, hummus, & Dr Kracker + an apple
  • Snack #2 - small handful of trail mix
  • Dinner - Turkey sandwich and bowl of sliced fruit
I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to squeeze in my cross train workout. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical & stretching. I was still a bit sore from my Saturday/Sunday run combo, so I took it easy. I have to run on the treadmill today at lunch, and I'll admit, I'm not looking forward to being back on the 'mill. My training plan combined with my life requires maximum flexibility & sometimes the gym just works better in the middle of the day, so I'll give it my best shot!

Question for you:
How do you handle eating & working out on vacation? Do you have any tips or tricks for staying on plan, or do you kick back and enjoy yourself?


  1. I always work out on vacation, but I also eat whatever I want. We haven't gone on a vacation in a while, but pre-baby I always enjoyed exploring new places by going for run!

  2. My plan for vacation is to work out (I have so much time and the new environment means I actually look forward to it) but enjoy the special splurges that happen when you're on a holiday! I do try to pick the big thing I want that day--maybe it's a buffet dinner, or to pick the most delicious dessert, or have some cocktails--rather than have all 3 every day!

  3. I am horrible at eating well on vacation! I end up in the mentality that it’s a cheat day everyday I'm out of town and then I will be healthy when I get back. The problem is I do not always turn things around when I get back home. : / I also always plan to workout but don’t because the people I go with are not interested. So I tag along with them because I don’t want to miss anything!

  4. I try to do those same types of things when I'm on vacation, but many times I fail. Epically. lol

  5. did you mean "adults-only" vacation? Cause it sounds like you're shipping the kids out to Vegas without any supervision ;)

    I accidentally often eat better on vacation because here's the scenario: me at home = eating through the fridge until bedtime. me on vacation = only eating 3 meals and then no more noshing since our hotel has no fridge to raid

  6. Rose - ha. Didn't even notice that. Yes, we're totally shipping the kids off to enjoy Las Vegas on their own. I'm sure they'll do fine. :-)

    Love your vacation eating plan - you crack me up. :-)

  7. I'm the same with Rose above me...I do better on vacation than at home. Plus on vacay I like my drinks so I try to earn them by working out and also I bring bars for a snack since snacks on vacation are typically churros & what have you.

    In Vegas is my all time fave place to eat, it's owned by Cheesecake Factory it's called Grand Lux inside the Venetian hotel. Ah-mazing & affordable...huge portions. If you get a chance go! It's also open 24 hours. Everyone I've told is now in love with it too :)

    I hear you, I like your blog b/c I work full time & have a 4 year old. My mid week runs are also on the treadmill & I HATE the treadmill. Guess it makes us thankful for the weekend road runs, it does me.

    We all have bad days, and in result feel icky, I ate BAD mothers day weekend & felt like death come Monday.

  8. I try to walk a lot. Also get in a lot more stretching, push ups, planks and other core work than I usually do. If I can get a run or two in, I consider it a plus. But, I'm usually sitting with a drink in my hand somewhere..."Tapering" is a must and that's what vacation time is for!!

  9. I eat whatever I want when on vacation but try to stay aware of the crap I put in my body. Always make working out a priority even when on vacation. I'm going back to my hometown for a month in July. I am signed up for a half marathon while I am there so hopefully I won't fall off the band wagon.