Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Hope all of you ladies had a fabulous weekend.

We started off the weekend by attending the boys preschool luau. It was hilarious. I dressed for the event - note the flower in my hair, starfish necklace, & floral tank top. :-)

I ran 4.9 miles in 53:21 at lunch time, and felt good. I love having a training plan - lots of structure and I can tell that it's getting easier to add miles, which is awesome.

  • Breakfast: smoothie & coffee, + 1/2 a bagel thin with an egg
  • Snack: nuts/dried fruit mix
  • Lunch: 1 piece of vegetarian pizza, edamame, cottage cheese
  • Snack: handful of cashews + vegetables & hummus
  • Dinner: 1 glass of wine, & a small serving of homemade spaghetti
We took the boys to soccer practice in the morning, & chilled at the house until it was time for DATE NIGHT! We have date night about once a month, & it's so nice to have a little adult time with Michael. The boys attend a swimming/pizza party at our gym, so it was perfect for us to hit the gym for a quick workout before we went to dinner.

I ran for a mile on the treadmill & then rode the bike for 20 minutes. My legs were feeling tired and I wanted to save a little bit for the long run on Sunday. Plus, I am starting to hate the treadmill. Ick. I used to run on it all the time, but now I'm spoiled by running outside.

I am a dork and forgot to take a picture after we got ready for date night. I did wear this super cute shirt with a pair of Hudson jeans & wedge sandals.

Sadly, I did not wear it with shimmery shorts as the model did. Maybe next time. ;-)

I had things all planned out so I could enjoy dinner out & not go totally out of control, but Michael wanted to try a new restaurant & I wasn't familiar with their menu. And, the food was fabulous. :-) So, I was over by a few hundred calories. No regrets!

  • Breakfast: 2 spinach patties with yogurt, strawberries & coffee
  • Snack: nuts/dried fruit
  • Lunch: cottage cheese, a piece of grilled chicken, and an apple
  • Snack before our workout: cashews & a piece of cheese
  • Dinner: 2 glasses of wine :-), 1/2 of a small salad, 1 spring roll, chicken, rice & vegetables
Yesterday was my first ever 8 mile run. I had to split it into two runs, which I know is not the same as running it all at once, but I really wanted to meet my friend and run with her as planned. She's just starting her training plan, so 8 miles together was not in the cards. I ran 4.34 miles at home before I left (in 46:15) and then we did just over 4 miles together on a trail near her house. I couldn't get my Garmin to find a satellite until we were about 1/2 way through with the run, so I don't have an exact time. It was a SUPER hilly run, and we were totally beat by the end.
 And yes, that is the world's biggest zit on my chin. Why thank you, running, for bringing back something that I thought I ditched 10 years ago.

The boys and I ended spending the day at my friend's house with her kids, & enjoying the beautiful sunshine. It was a gorgeous day!

Food - this was more than I'd intended to eat yesterday, but I wasn't sure how much fuel I'd need. I'm still trying to experiment to find the right balance between a healthy but steady weight loss, & giving myself enough energy to run & follow my training plan.
  • Breakfast: egg with spinach, feta on a bagel thin + strawberries & coffee
  • Lunch: cottage cheese + nuts/dried fruit, peanut butter & jelly sandwich
  • Snack: blueberries
  • Dinner: pita chips, 1 1/3 pieces of pizza, cottage cheese
  • Snack (hungry on my way home!): 1/2 a banana + 1/3 of a mini luna bar

And, finally, here's an actual outfit. Me - today at work. Of course, it was beautiful & warm yesterday, so I chose a skirt & sandals. It started raining about 5 minutes after I left the house. Oh well. Such is life in Seattle. :-)

Black sweater - Jcrew
Black camisole - Banana Republic
Silver necklace - Macy's
Black & white skirt - BCBG
Black wedge sandals - Alfani/Macy's
Multi-colored hair & terrible photo skills - still here! :-)

Do share - what's the weather like where you're at, & what are you wearing? Any big runs this weekend? Are you sore? My glutes are killing me after yesterday's trail run!


  1. Super cute skirt! Florida weather is HOT. Ugh. I hate it. I can't wait to start marathon training in a month. (note sarcasm)

    But until then, I'm cutting way back on my running and doing almost all strength training. I was burned out and want to get my excitement back for running so I'm taking it easy for now.

  2. this is amazing. you running is getting OUT OF CONTROL! i am so happy for you and your weekend!

  3. Don't worry about splitting up the long run. I do that ALL the time. Sometimes I'll run 4 miles on my own, then meet up with people and do 6, and then do 5 more on my own. I still count that as a 15 mile run! The only time it really matters is if you do half in the morning and half at night, but it's still better than not getting it done!

  4. Good job on all your running & healthy eats. Your son looks like he's my sons age, just turned 4. My biggest struggle with w/running is working full time & having a youngster, its tough huh? I do a distance run early in the morning while he's asleep on a weekend but oh so early on a day off.

  5. great job on your run! Don't sweat splitting it did 8! Nice work.

  6. Great job the last few days, especially the 8 miles! What a fun date night--those occasions are special so I wouldn't worry about a slightly over calories count for the night.
    It's very warm here (GA) and I'm loving it! Had a 15 mile run this Friday.

  7. You're doing so awesome on your runs!! Glad to hear you had a good weekend :)

  8. You are so darn cute! Love that purple shirt!

  9. Thanks, ladies! I am so excited that I'm finally able to add some miles. It feels great!

  10. wait, that totally counts as a full 8 mile run! In my unofficial book, any breaks less than one hour mean that you are still on the same run :) Nice freakin job on plowing through a personal distance record!

    p.s. you have the cutest haircut, and you made me smile so big with your comment :))))