Monday, May 16, 2011


I'm feeling good this morning, because I put on a pair of previously tight jeans, & they fit perfectly. Best Monday morning moment of today. Please excuse the rest of the way I look. I had a conference call at 7:00 am, so this is the best I could do.

  • Messy hair, courtesy of my early morning call + wind at the school drop off
  • Black sweater - Express
  • Purple tank top - Banana Republic
  • Amethyst necklace - Tiffany & Co
  • Jeans that finally fit - 7, courtesy of Costco
  • Black patent flats - Nordstrom
Today is my rest day, and I'm very happy about that. My legs need it after my 12 mile run yesterday. I'm actually feeling okay, but the stairs are killer. My 1/2 marathon is in mid-July, but now I'm thinking I should sign up for one in June. I feel ready. Any suggestions?

Yesterday was a good eating day. I went slightly over my normal calories in the evening - I was starving & couldn't go to bed without something else to eat. A little short on fruit, but otherwise, a fairly balanced day.

  • Breakfast - coffee, strawberries & blueberries, sauteed spinach and egg on a bagel thin with feta
  • Snack (right after my run) - trail mix with dried fruit & nuts
  • Lunch (I practically shoveled this in my face when I got home) - cottage cheese + tomato soup + 1 pc of bread with turkey
  • Snack - apple + pretzel rods dipped in hummus
  • Dinner - 1 glass of wine + homemade spaghetti
Michael & I leave for Las Vegas in 10 days, so I'm determined to eat well & keep things together. I want to rock my bikini! I'm a little nervous for an upcoming girls weekend I'm attending this weekend, in honor of my aunt's 50th birthday. I need to get in two runs (10 & 7 miles), & eat well. Always a challenge when most of the meals will be eaten out, and the schedule is determined by others. I'm working on a plan of attack so I can enjoy my weekend, but still get my training in. Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate & I won't have to suffer through another bitter rainy long run.

What are your plans for the week ahead?

Any suggestions on a fun 1/2 marathon in June? Am I crazy for signing up for one a month earlier than planned?


  1. I say go for it!

    What training plan are you using, or did you make it up? I love when too-tight jeans suddenly fit, BEST FEELING EVER!

  2. If you did 12 yesterday, you're ready for a half now!

    I don't know of any races in your area, but I'm sure a search on would help you out :)

  3. When tight jeans fit it's such a great feeling!!!
    You're not crazy for the 1/2---if you did 12 miles already you're ready!

  4. Happy Healthy - I did an 8 week training plan from Fitness magazine, assuming it would take me much longer than that to get ready & that I would need to repeat weeks. (I had 12+ weeks before the race). The plan worked great & now I'm ready early. :-)

    Kara - I'm a total dork. That's a great idea & I found a race I think I can do on June 5th. It's a trail run - you run on trails quite a bit, right? I need to go to the race site & check it out & see if it's something I can handle.

  5. I agree with the others. If you can do 12 miles now then you are ready for the half. GL!!

  6. I agree with Kara! My last long run for my half was 12 2 weeks before the race. Good luck!

  7. I totally agree--if you ran 12 this weekend, you can do a half anytime you like! I wish I knew of a race for you. The one I'm running is June 4 in WV--you can come & run that with me! :) I hope you find one. Go for it!

  8. You did 12 miles YESTERDAY in LOUSY weather! I say sign up for a 1/2 NEXT WEEKEND! You ARE ready!

  9. I'm all about doing race back to backs - it's like getting two races for the price of one training! I think 2 weeks apart is perfect, maybe three.

  10. I just noticed that you are planning to o the Las Vegas 1/2. Me too! There is a big runner/blogger conference planned for that weekend so maybe I will see you there!!

  11. I would probably pass out if I ran a half in June. I need me some cold weather races!

  12. Congratulations on the jeans :) That's one of the best feelings in the world!!