Monday, May 23, 2011

The best laid plans

I'm trying to shake off my frustration today, because I sprained my ankle over the weekend. I'm worried about my training plan, my first 1/2 marathon in two weeks, & my vacation with Michael - starting on Friday! Is it going to be absolutely terrible if I can't really get in much running before the 1/2 marathon? I'm hoping to really stay off my ankle this week & potentially do a few shorter runs next week. Does that sound at all reasonable? (My first 1/2 is on June 5th.)

What about all of my high heels & cute dresses in Las Vegas? Somehow I don't think they'll look quite the same with flats, but I'm sure I'll survive.

Getting injured put quite a damper on my weekend, but it was still fun to spend time with some of my favorite ladies at the beach.

No running plan for the next few days (insert groans here). For those of you who have been injured, does it freak you out to not be able to run? I know it's all in my head, but I feel like I'm gaining weight, and I am just not as confident when I'm not running. I know, it's been all of two days, but it's hard. To stay focused & feel good, I'm going to work on strength training of my upper body this week, and if possible, maybe do some rowing? I'll have to see how that feels on my ankle.

I did fairly well at the girls trip, but did go over my calories on Saturday. I was good on Friday & Sunday, so I'm not terribly worried.

I had to find a pair of flat (non-thong) sandals for work, so I picked up these at Ross for $13 yesterday. Score!

  • Silver & white striped shirt - Olivia Moon (Nordstrom)
  • Silver circle necklace - Tiffany & Co, gift from my mom & sister when I had Sam
  • Dark wash jeans - Seven (Costco)
  • Silver flats - Chinese Laundry (Ross). You can't see it in the picture, but these have an ankle strap that make the shoes look kind of ballet-ish.

I need motivation today! Have you been injured? How did you work around the stress of not being able to run? Any tips or tricks?


  1. I had to take a whole week off running because I pulled my hamstring... I would just do some strength training and maybe throw in some elliptical? And ice and rest :) You'll be back on your feet (pun intended) in no time!!

  2. You should be fine to run the half even if you don't run between now and then. You have your running base established!

    How did you sprain your ankle??

  3. Kara - I was at the beach this weekend, & the sidewalks have rolling edges? Not sure how to describe it. My right foot was just a little too far to the right, & it rolled & I fell over. Sucked. :-( I've sprained this ankle twice before (playing volleyball), but not in a *long* time.

  4. I didn't run for a month before my last half marathon because I just didn't feel like running and it went ok. I didn't PR or anything, but I ran it.

    A lot of people taper for 2 weeks, so I think you'll be totally fine with some shorter runs.

  5. Oh no! I am sorry you hurt your ankle. I think you should be fine taking a longer taper,just coninue to do cross training.

    Good luck! I hope things workout for ya.

  6. Oh man I am so sorry to hear about your ankle! Just give it the rest it needs and hopefully it will feel better by the half marathon. After a few days of taking it easy I would definately start cross training again and keep the running to a minimum. I'm sure you will still rock your half! You've worked so hard and you're so motivating :)