Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ooh La La

Do you have any favorite purchases or souvenirs that you've brought home from a trip? I went to Paris about ten years ago & bought a pair of red shoes that I adore. Every time I wear them, I'm reminded of that trip, & how I fell in love with the city. I needed a little shot of inspiration today, so I'm wearing them!


  • White sweater - Jcrew, Audrey
  • White tank top - Martin & Osa
  • Blue necklace - Tiffany & Co
  • Blue skirt - Liquid - purchased at an outlet in Orlando 8+ years ago
  • Red shoes - not sure on the brand, Paris
  • Toenail polish color - California Raspberry, OPI
 Apologies for the crooked shoe picture. It's harder than I thought to take a picture of your own feet. :-)

Yesterday was my cross training day, so I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday & did 50 minutes on the elliptical, and used the Gravitron (it's an assisted dip/pull up machine). I'm slated to run 6 miles today. I've done it before, but I'm a little nervous. Any mileage over 5 still makes me a little anxious.  Fingers crossed.

My weight has been hovering at the same place for the last couple of weeks. I have less than 5 pounds of baby weight to lose, & I'm starting to get frustrated. I am still trying to figure out the right balance between eating enough to fuel myself as I expand my mileage, but continuing to lose weight. I haven't figured it out yet, clearly. My goal has been 1500 calories/day, focusing on lean proteins, fruit, & vegetables. There are some days when I'm so hungry (yesterday is a great example), that I just can't do it. Or, choose not to, I suppose. My goal is to eat 1500 calories/day for the next 7 days and see how I feel & if I make any weight loss progress. More on this to come.

As I mentioned, I was starving yesterday, and ate a much bigger dinner than planned. 

  • Before workout - peanut butter toast
  • Breakfast - Emerald City Surprise (aka spinach, green pepper, and broccoli sauteed with an egg and a tbsp of feta cheese, on a bagel thin) + a pear and coffee
  • Snack - 1/2 protein bar
  • Lunch - Small serving of leftover chicken, rice, and vegetables + strawberries, hummus & a Dr Kracker
  • Snack - apple
  • Dinner - 1/2 glass of wine & a handful of cashews + a Greek salad & 7 fries

Questions of the day:
Do you have any memorable souvenirs?

Are you losing weight, or have you had success in the past? Have you balanced that with a workout plan or training for an event?


  1. I try really hard not to go by how much the scale says but by how I feel in my clothes. The scale can lie! Do you do any strength training, because that will help you tone up/slim down... Um and I'm obsessed with your shoes. Those are ADORABLE. What's Dr. Kracker? Sorry, this comment is all over the place :)

  2. Good for you being super honest with your food. 7 fries!

    I have a dress from Maui that I love. :-)

    I'm trying to lose weight right now on Weight Watchers. And I've lost 26lbs in the past on WW as well. Now just trying to lose 10 lbs. But I work out all.the.time. So really my problem is eating. It's never been that I need to work out more.

    Right now, I'm concentrating on strength training and I hope to keep it up when marathon training starts in a month. *fingers crossed*

  3. I love certain souvenirs that remind me of places I've visited! I have a beautiful top from the Philippines and every time I wear it I remember the vacation!
    About 2 years ago I lost 30 pounds and now I don't want to lose anymore. In the past 3 months I've really ramped up my workouts and even though I haven't lost a pound, I'm still a whole size smaller. So focus on your measurements, definitely!

  4. Ladies, now we're going to need to see pictures of your awesome fashion souvenirs!

    Thanks for the feedback. I am strength training, although not as much/often as I'd like. There's only so much time in my day. But, I'm trying to squeeze in one extra early morning workout (painful!) a week to work on more strength.

  5. You already know about my weight-loss frustrations, but lately I know the only reason the scale has been not moving (or moving the wrong way!) has been because I've been stuffing my face like it's going out of style. Haha.

    My friend is training for a 25K that's coming up in a couple weeks and she has actually struggled a lot with balancing an eating plan with her running. She wants to lose about 15 pounds, and even though she runs over 30 miles a week she has actually put on a little bit of weight. She's really frustrated because she always stays within her calorie limits, but I think she's finally realized that training for such a hard race and trying to lose weight at the same time can be nearly impossible!

  6. I love those shoes!

    Since you're running more now, you might need to switch to measurements instead of the scale. I guarantee you that I weigh more than you, but it's muscle, so I still fit in a 6. Also, when you workout hard, the process of your muscles healing (and you get stronger) makes you retain water, so that messes with the scale too.

  7. I love that you turned the word verification off <3

  8. Kara - I'm so lazy with the measurements, but you're right. I need to just do it. Jumping on the scale is fast & easy.

    Just for you! No, actually I really didn't know it was on, because of course, when I comment myself, it wasn't showing up. I'm glad you pointed it out in your post, because I finally investigated. :-)

  9. Dang I was so excited to scroll down and see where I could get your super cute red wedges... Suppose I'll just scour the internet all day for a non-Parisian copycat.