Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

First off, Las Vegas was fabulous, and good times were had by all. Including my kids, who spent the weekend throwing pine cones at targets, partying at a Memorial Day barbecue with their cousins, playing with my parents' cat, hitting Portland & Powell's book store, riding a street trolley, having snuggle parties, and riding bikes on the obstacle course that my dad designed for them. A fun weekend in the country.

I'm currently in a bit of a post-vacation slump. Especially since I went to the doctor today & found out that I won't be running for a minimum of two more weeks, and need to see a physical therapist. Tears were shed, and I'm totally freaked out by the possibility of not running for a minimum of a month. I know - overreaction, anyone? But, it's hard to express how I feel about it. Running makes me feel healthy and confident, helped me lose weight, and really started to define me. I'm worried I'm going to gain weight, lose muscle tone, not be able to run the half marathons I've been training for, you know, all kinds of sucky things. I know I can come up with a plan and get past this, but I'm in a little freak out mode for today. Tomorrow I'll kick start Operation Regroup.

I'm going to continue to do strength training (I'm approved to do core & upper body), as well as look into swimming. I'm not a swimmer. At all. This should be interesting. Also, I have to wear running shoes every day to work, according to the doctor. Brace yourselves for some Fashion Don'ts. :-)

And, just for fun, here's me at work yesterday. I like to call this - our flight was delayed seven hours on Monday & I got home at midnight & didn't bother to unpack, find my makeup/straightener/or clearly my sanity by Tuesday am - picture. You're welcome.

  • Printed top - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Mixed metal necklace - Nordstrom
  • Dark wash jeans - Seven, Dojo fit
  • Black patent flats - Nordstrom

And, here are a few pictures from our first day in Las Vegas (aka - the day scary white Seattle people enter into the land of the tan and fit):

Me, in our fancy bathroom.
Cover up - Forever 21
Metallic sandals - Gap
Bikini underneath - Billabong, Costco

Me, being a tool in the elevator

Dorkiness continues

Fancy hotel - Encore, location unknown
I think this is the one where Michael pretended to take a picture of me, but was really trying to get a shot of the sweet and incredibly hot/fit mom to my right. Loved her, but she certainly makes the rest of us look bad. And yes, I'm really that white. Guard your eyes. :-)

Michael, at the pool. Note the bathroom signage in the background. I'm quite a skilled photographer.

More pictures to come!


  1. YAY YOU'RE BACK!! I can't wait to read all about Vegas!

    So what's wrong with your foot and what'd they say about this weekend? That totally sucks :( I'm so sorry.

  2. Your cover up is super cute and I love the white legs, we would look great together. Sun or no sun I just don't tan. Hope your foot feels better soon!

  3. I was just thinking of you today and hoping your trip was fabulous- glad it was!

  4. Finally this comment thing is working for me! Blogger has been being stupid and hasn't let me comment on a lot of blogs, including yours :( Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I'm still reading and I love your Vegas pics! Also, I'm really really sorry to hear about your running. I totally understand what it's like to not be able to exercise due to an injury (I broke my foot a couple years ago) and there is nothing more frustrating! Keep your chin up and the time will pass, and if you keep your diet *about* the same I think you'll be surprised at how much weight you DON'T gain!

  5. I'm so glad you had fun!

    I'm sorry about your ankle, but when you get back to running, you'll be stronger than ever!

  6. Love your dress/pool cover up--it's beautiful! Sorry about the doctor's order, but on the plus side maybe you'll discover you love swimming!

  7. You won't lose muscle tone by not running. Especially if you are going to strength train. Training for a half marathon actually made me gain fat and lose muscle. I'm stronger when I don't run as much!
    If you do have to take a month off, think of it as a time to cross-train and strengthen other areas. It will only make your running even better when you're back to it! :-)

  8. Hi, new reader here... love your coverup, it's so cute. Glad you had fun although bummer about the not being able to run. :(

  9. oh gosh you look great! Just spray tan it's ah-mazing hehe I do it before every Vegas trip :)

    I feel you one thousand percent girl! I cannot run for a total of 6.5 weeks from surgery. I've cried, I've had anxiety...I'm totally emotional about it. And it is for sure my weight control. :(