Friday, June 24, 2011

So professional

Yes, this is my very liberal interpretation of a work look. It's pretty limiting to have to wear sneakers . . .
I feel like a tool wearing the shoes with my skinny jeans, but I still need to get my new jeans hemmed. Such is life. :-) I know - I'm high fashion these days.

Outfit details:
Black sweater - Express
Pink tshirt - Loft
Skinny jeans - Gap, Always Skinny
Sneaks - New Balance

Sam has recently started dressing himself, and loves to come out of his room in the morning fully dressed, yelling "Surprise!". It's hilarious, mostly because of the outfit combinations he puts together. Too bad it's 50 and raining in Seattle today. . .

I think he gets his fashion sense from his mama. :-)

And, parenting lesson learned this morning. Michael is a pretty disciplined guy, and feeds the boys the same breakfast every morning: eggs, 5 varieties of fruit, and a few bites of a bread - generally banana, zucchini, etc. Whenever Michael is out of town, the boys ask for things like waffles, pancakes, etc. Nick asked me last night if he could have waffles for breakfast, and I foolishly answered, "Sure, but you need to get up early tomorrow so there's time to make them." He was up at 5:00 am (on the dot this morning), staring in my face while I was groggily trying to figure out what was going on. Asking for waffles. Lesson learned, people. Kids have a very broad definition of the term "early".

I'm doing pretty well with the eating - knowing that I'm not going to be running for a (long) while, I've been keeping the calories in check.

Breakfast - coffee, fruit, bagel thin with a soy sausage
Snack - mini luna bar before my workout
Lunch - protein smoothie + salad
Snack - hummus + Dr Kracker
Dinner - (the boys begged to go out last night) mini cheeseburger & a handful of sweet potato fries
Snack - raspberries

My personal trainer puts my standard workouts to shame. My arms are so sore today that I could barely hold the straightener while doing my hair this morning. Holy glutes! And triceps! I did 15 minutes on the elliptical before she tortured me for 50 minutes.

And, today was a triple coffee day. I try to limit myself to 1-2 espressos per day, but some days . . . I just need another. Are you a coffee drinker? Tea?

Big weekend plans? I have the boys by myself this weekend, so we're going to squeeze in a few fun activities - maybe go see Cars 2, go to a bouncy house party, etc. Looking forward to it!

Less than a pound of "baby weight" to go, peeps! Great motivation for me to stay on track this weekend. :-)


  1. I'm a tea-aholic! Anything tea is for me, except the mint kinds. Blech! Ur welcome to come to Pullman and peruse my selection if ud like. Have u tried Queen Mary's tea room in the U District? A definite must if u like tea!

  2. I drink 1 cup of coffee first thing in the a.m. and then switch to herbal tea for the rest of the day.

    You are a fashion statement and I must say so is the little man!

  3. I'm a tea girl! I have one cup with breakfast, and usually one in the afternoon too.
    Love Sam's outfit choices!

  4. I'm a tea drinker, but mostly I stick to cocoa because I'm still a 5 year old inside.

    I like the skinny jeans look, it's very emo with the sneakers. :)