Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am officially the Bad News Bear

That's how I feel today. I went to a foot trauma/orthopedic specialist to find out why my minor fracture isn't healing and why I'm still in a lot of pain after 4+ weeks. I had my foot x-rayed again, and the minor fracture is pretty much healed. Yeah! Then, the doctor poked & prodded my foot, asked a bunch of questions, & decided that he wanted to do a more inclusive weight-bearing x-ray that would allow him to see the bones on the bottom of my foot. . . And, bingo. There is a fairly large break and a small piece of displaced bone on the bottom of my foot. Hence the pain. And, why the boot was hurting my foot to walk in. I'm back to wearing extremely supportive sneakers, and he dropped the mega/atomic bomb - likely no running for six months from the time of the injury. That means November. Anything could happen, & I could certainly heal faster, but yeah. . . I cried in the elevator at the hospital, & I'm getting all teary just thinking about it.

The muscle should theoretically start pulling the bone back together, but he's unsure if I've made progress (my initial doctor obviously didn't x-ray this portion & didn't even see this break), but I'm going back in four weeks to see if it's healing on its own. If not, there's a slight chance of surgery. *fingers crossed that doesn't happen*

He also recommended these as an alternative to the sneakers.

Will someone please shoot me? My grandma called, and she wants her shoes back.

I do have to give major props to Michael for today. One of my incredibly vain complaints with all of this drama is that I look frumpy & unprofessional every day - I have all of one pair of sneakers & one pair of jeans hemmed to wear with flats/sneakers. He obviously can't fix the major issue of no running for six months, so today he went out & got me a few pair of super cute jeans that I can have hemmed & a new pair of shoes. It's the little things, people.

I also had an ice cream bar for lunch. It slightly dulled the pain of the news. I envision myself cuddled up with a bottle of wine tonight. . .

I ate well yesterday & all that jazz, plus worked out. No workout today - don't want to interfere with the wine & ice cream doing their job. ;-)


  1. I would cuddle up with a bottle of wine as well. It's clear that your priorities are in the right spot - as your unofficial blogging (non) doctor, I'm definitely prescribing wine and ice cream today. I'm proud of you for waiting until you were in the elevator to break down, I'd have lost in the doctor's office.

    Hey email me your address will you?

  2. Your husband is PRECIOUS! I am so sorry about the shoe recommendation! hahaha

  3. So sorry to hear all that!! Stay positive... you will get back to running and you will be stronger than ever before! Enjoy the wine!

  4. I'm sorry, that sucks! I'm sure I can't say anything comforting, but I'll pray that you don't need surgery and heal quickly!

  5. Aw I'm sorry to hear that. That stinks. I hope that you can prove them wrong somehow!

  6. Boo! Is the shoe at least comfortable? Hope things get better!

  7. Oh man, that stinks! I'm glad they at least found the problem!

    I'm glad your husband is helping you feel a little bit better :)

  8. That's so crummy :( Hopefully this can be a door opening to other sports, maybe swimming? Would biking be ok?

  9. Awww I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm also reading catching up on your posts in reverse order right now so I just read about losing all preggo weight and now I can say congrats on that even without the running :) November will be here in no time, and who knows, maybe you will find another type of exercise that you will love even more than running!