Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the man who always knows how to make me laugh, supports me in all of my endeavors, feeds our kids breakfast *every* morning without fail, pushes me to be a better person and mom, and is truly my best friend. I'm lucky to have you.

We're having lunch together today, so I dressed up for the occasion. It's hard to make anything look good with the lovely boot. :-)


  • Navy sweater - Loft
  • Printed dress - BCBG
  • Silver Sandal - Chinese Laundry/Ross
  • Awesome boot worn with lovely white running sock = glamour
I met with my trainer yesterday & we did a 60 minute pool workout. It was seriously vomit-inducing, and so very very hard! She kicked my butt. I'm feeling sore all over today, which is always a good feeling. I also did 1/2 of my strength training routine yesterday.

  • Breakfast - coffee + blueberries + 1/2 wheat lavosh bread with egg and sauteed spinach
  • Snack - Luna bar
  • Lunch - banana protein smoothie + salad
  • Snack - carrots & grape tomatoes + hummus
  • Dinner - asparagus, plum, & 1 mahi mahi mango taco
My weight is down to the lowest it's been in years. I don't know if that's "real", or a result of losing muscle tone. I'm a little concerned it's the latter, so I'm continuing my efforts with the strength training and eating well. I've officially lost 17.2 pounds since January 1st. Woo! And, I'm just about 1/2 way to my summer weight loss goal. I also only have 1.8 pounds of "baby weight" left. So very close! I will be having a serious celebration when I can officially say that it's all gone.

My big challenge for the week is that we're heading to the beach this weekend. Normally, that's not a problem for my workouts, as I love running at the beach. Clearly, that's out, as is biking, walking, and/or anything else I can think of. I'm cleared to swim or use the elliptical. I'm thinking there will be no cardio workouts happening Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, which sucks. I can still strength train over the weekend, so I'll focus on that.

Also, here's my handsome boy, Sam, at his preschool graduation last Friday. Such a cutie pie!
And a few other shots of the big day:

Nick, pointing to the "graduates"

The boot really makes any look. . .

Any big plans for today? We're taking Michael out for Greek food & ice cream tonight, & heading to the beach for a combined birthday/Father's Day weekend tomorrow evening.


  1. I think you rock the boot look :)

    If you're going to the beach, can't you just swim in the ocean for cardio? Or is it like 40 degrees in the water? Personally I hate getting in the ocean, I'm terrified of stepping on a crab or brushing against a jellyfish.

  2. yep, the boot totally pulls the look together

  3. I love how well you rock the boot! You have the cutest clothes. Your closet puts mine to shame. That little guy is so cute in his graduation hat!

  4. Kara - Definitely no swimming in the ocean at the Oregon coast. The high this weekend is supposed to be 55, and summer hasn't really hit yet. I'd totally need a wet suit.