Saturday, June 11, 2011

Martha Stewart Called. . .

Yesterday was a whirlwind getting ready for our out of town guests, which explains the lack of posting. My husband is Persian, as is his best friend & wife, who will be staying with us for the weekend. Persians are huge on entertaining, so it's either go big, or go home. Here's how the day played out:

  • Took Nick to school, took Sam to a hearing check
  • Trader Joe's to pick up last minute supplies
  • Dropped Sam off at school, hit up the gym.
  • Ellipticaled (is that a word?) for 30 minutes until my foot started to hurt.
  • Home - shower/picked up the house
  • Mall - purchased Michael's birthday present & part of his Father's Day present for next week.
  • Home for lunch- scarfed part of my salad. Left for Sam's preschool graduation.
  • Graduation - tears were shed, many pictures were taken. Coming soon.
  • Home - boys played in the backyard while I prepped the food for the weekend.
  • I made - goat cheese spread for a crostini appetizer
  • Then, cranberry & pistachio biscotti
  • I also made - blueberry muffins
  • And, white Italian birthday cake cupcakes
  • Plus dark chocolate butter cream frosting
  • Currant & toasted almond scones
  • Curried cashew chicken salad for lunch today
  • Prepped all of the fruit and vegetables
  • And, a few other things I can't remember. :-)
My foot is sore from being up & about all day. I need to get the preschool graduation pictures off of the other camera, but there are some adorable shots!

Prepping the table this morning:

In the bread basket. . .

Currant & toasted almond scones

I think Martha Stewart is jealous. :-) What are your big weekend plans? Best entertaining recipe?


  1. Looks delicious!! I just looove scones. My favorite breakfast treat.

    We are working in the yard this weekend, and having some friends over tomorrow night for a fiesta! I'm excited to make fajitas for the first time. Hope your entertaining goes well!

  2. I think Martha would be very impressed and what a busy day! No big plans for the weekend. Run, clean, eat, sleep, chase kids, repeat!

  3. Busy day.. and wow at all the yummy things you made!

  4. You are tough to tackle all that food prep with a boot on your foot!