Monday, June 6, 2011

The weight debate

For those of you who liked the purple dress I posted on Saturday, I got it for $20 or so at Express - cute & reasonably cheap. :-) I picked it up in black for $12 over Memorial Day weekend at a huge sale, so expect to see it again soon.

Here's what I wore yesterday, for running errands & hanging out around the house. I know, so glamorous, but keep in mind that I can't wear pants these days, so I'm trying to be flexible with my around the house looks. Normally it's yoga pants. :-)  Note that I did not style my hair after swimming.

  • Black tank top - Ann Taylor Loft (new, bought it last weekend in Las Vegas)
  • Denim skirt - Jcrew

I made a super yummy breakfast yesterday - oatmeal & protein pancakes:
Sadly, that's not ice cream with breakfast - it's plain Greek yogurt with a drizzle of agave. Yum.

I've been doing well with eating, avoiding snacks & junky carbs, focusing on lots of protein & fruit/vegetables. In general, I aim for 1500 calories/day. I find that as long as I'm active, that's a good calorie range for me to lose a slow but steady one pound/week.

  • Breakfast - coffee & fruit, protein pancakes + Greek yogurt
  • Snack - protein shake
  • Lunch - cottage cheese + handful of peanuts + 1 piece of pizza
  • Snack - handful of almonds
  • Dinner - corn + 1 glass of wine + 2 mini burgers wrapped in lettuce with tomatoes & mustard
  • Snack - grapes
I lifted weights yesterday & swam laps. I'll say this for swimming - laps are a killer workout! I don't know how you swimmers do it. I was ready to collapse after 10 laps. I need to find a training plan or something that shows me how to build on my laps.

Outfit, part deux:
Here's my look for today.

  • Black top with slight ruffle detailing at the top - Ann Taylor Loft
  • Bean necklace - Tiffany & Co
  • Brown skirt - Ann Taylor Loft. (New, purchased over Memorial Day weekend)
  • Solo black sandal - Chinese Laundry - Ross. (New, purchased a few weeks ago on my infamous girls beach trip which resulted in the awesome boot)
I'm concerned about my weight, but not for the normal reasons. My weight is actually down from before I left for Las Vegas. And trust me, I ate well in Sin City. Champagne, wine, cookies, ice cream, steak, etc. I didn't go crazy or anything, but I certainly wasn't on a diet. Which makes me suspect that the change in weight is a result of losing muscle tone. :-( I am consistently doing strength training, fueling myself well, & doing what I can to keep myself in shape, but I already feel flabbier than I did several weeks ago. It's mostly in my head, but I don't feel as good about myself when I'm not running. I think this may be the first time in my life that I'm concerned about weight loss. ;-)

Does anyone have any experience with losing weight after you stop running for a period of time?


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Once you have a normal routine again you should be A-OK! But I know how you feel about not running and feeling flabbier, I get that feeling too. :) You still look great though!

  2. It's weird, isn't it--I tend to lose weight when I stop working out too. I have read that if we lose a couple of pounds, it's not like we actually lost 2 pounds of muscle mass. Rather, we lost a lot of the water and glycogen that gets stored in the muscles when the body is prepared for exercise. So don't worry too much!
    As for your comment on my post--Im 5'4"!

  3. I never lose weight unless I'm desperately trying to.

    If you are still strength training, you are not losing muscle. You might be burning more calories from having MORE muscle and that could be the weight loss.

  4. That breakfast looks delicious.. and yay for Loft! I agree with others, I wouldn't worry too much about it. :)

  5. When my close friend was training for a big race, she kept putting on weight and couldn't figure out why (she was watching her calories, etc.). I wonder if this is something kind of like that? She recently had to stop running because of a hip injury so I'm curious as to if her weight drops also..I'll be sure to let you know!