Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rockin the pony

This is what laziness does to you. You shower late at night, don't straighten your hair, and get up this morning, realizing that you're going to be in the pool with your trainer at lunch time. Is it worth doing your hair for just a few short hours of work this morning? Clearly the answer is "no".

  • Scary hair - due to laziness
  • Silver circle necklace - courtesy of Michael
  • White tank top - Loft
  • White sheer striped sweater - Loft. New, got it last week for $8! Couldn't resist.
  • Coral skirt - Jcrew. This is a little big & may be getting retired. It sits much lower than normal, because it slides down to my hips.
  • Solo silver sandal - Chinese Laundry/Ross
  • Awesome boot - still here
Yesterday was a pretty good eating day. I tried to shape up after a weekend of unnecessary snacks & carbs. I am aiming for around 1300-1400 calories/day & I was at 1410 yesterday.

  • Breakfast - coffee/fruit + 1 waffle with 1/2 tsp butter (leftover from the weekend)
  • Snack - nuts/dried fruit
  • Lunch - cottage cheese + protein smoothie + carrots, grape tomatoes, & hummus
  • Snack - 2 plums
  • Dinner - nuts + 1/2 a piece of wheat lavosh bread with melted cheese & sliced apples
I did workout yesterday & did 60 minutes on the elliptical (felt great to break a sweat again!) + about half of my arms/legs strength routine.

Question for you - do you do your hair every day? I think you know my answer. . .


  1. If I only ate 1400 calories a day, I'd probably murder someone. :)

    I don't ever do my hair, it air dries every day. I used to do it, but now that I'm not working, it seems silly.

  2. Monday-Friday you can count on it that my hair is air dryed also & out of control frizzy. I actually think urs looks cute in those pics.

    One of my ear drums ruptured when I was 2 years old :( I don't remember it obviously but my Mom does. To this day I cannot swim deep in pools b/c of it.

    Ur husband is Persian? Do you speak Farsi? One of my close friends in high school & college is Persian & her husband too, I went to their wedding w-o-w beautiful & very different but a hek of a time.

  3. I used to do my hair, but I'm on day 20-something of ponytails, so it might be time to admit defeat.

  4. I pretty much never do my hair unless I'm going out. sad but true

  5. I do not style my hair, maybe throw in some product and let it dry.