Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tights as pants

First up, I wore my running tights as pants today. At work. Kind of. Luckily, all butt cheeks are covered. :-) No corneas were seared at the office.

It looked a lot like this. . .

Or not, but I'm sick & tired of jeans & boots, so in honor of the first day of spring, I decided to pull out a summery dress, & pair it with my lululemon running tights. Those bad boys are expensive, so may as well get maximum mileage (ha ha) from them.

A better picture of the dress, last summer:

I figure, if I have to wait for warm weather to bust out my summer clothes, I have a long road ahead.

In other news, did you hear that I ran a 15K on Sunday? ;-) I may have registered for another 15K on 3/31. I am so excited! I have to skip the 10K I was registered for this weekend (Michael's out of town, & the logistics are too much with the kids solo). The race I registered for (Birch Bay 15K) is described as "Scenic, Flat, & Fun". . . music to my ears after the wild & crazy hills in Portland last weekend. I'm very curious to see my pace when I'm running by myself, and on a flat course. I hope I don't find it too boring to run the entire thing by myself. I will definitely be bringing music. My ear buds failed me at mile 1 at the race on Sunday, and I spent at least a mile fiddling with them, and the rest of the time pretending that I could hear my tunes. :-) I was annoyed, but c'est la vie.

In other news, I'm really not sore from the run. Can't believe it - I feel like my training was really effective, & I had enough juice to finish hard. I'm still kind of floating from the race, as I'm sure you can tell. Whenever I see that medal, I get a little misty. :-)

(lifted from the run FB page) Why yes, that is a bottle opener!

As for the running, my plan is to continue to build my base (I need to revisit a week in my half marathon training plan, because I didn't put in enough miles last week), and manage that only in the evenings, on the treadmill. Michael is traveling a bunch this week, & I just need to commit to either morning (5:00 am) or evening (8:00 pm) workouts. It's got to happen, & I've slacked on putting any real mileage at either of those times. They are not my favorite, but I need to suck it up. That's mostly why I registered for another race - forcing myself to adjust to my new schedule & put in the miles on the 'mill, even when it's not my best personal time to run.

I love black & white pictures, so I had Michael convert my favorite picture of me with the birthday boy on Saturday.

Questions for you: Do you wear tights as pants? Have you ever run a race by yourself? Tips/tricks? How do you motivate yourself for long(er) treadmill runs?


  1. 1. I'm in love with that picture of you and your kiddo

    2. I always wear tights as pants

    3. I have run races both with others and by myself and I think both have their advantages

    4. I love that you're doing so well with running right now, I can't wait to get back out there!

    5. I still love that dress. Loved it last year, love it now.

    6. You are awesome.

    Longest comment ever :)

    1. Thank you!! I love that picture also. I think I might be framing it. The birthday boy was so, so happy on Saturday & the picture just reminds me of that.

      Tights as pants rock! :-) I'm super warm today - normally when I just wear the sheer/under-dress type tights, I'm freezing. These are keeping the legs warm!

  2. I have worn my Zella and Lululemon running thights with dresses. I also like to rock them on the weekend when I am being lazy with just a big sweatshirt. I almost always run by myself. I started running with my husband and then her injuryed himself, since then I have done all of the races alone. Unless someone chats me up on the course. Longer runs on the treadmill require good TV. I have done several 10 mile runs on the treadmill while watching Netflix. :)

    1. Where do you get your Zella pants? I've heard good things about the brand. And, so ridiculously brave on the 10 mile treadmill runs. I might have to convince the husband to hook up our TV that's right by the 'mill. So far, I've just stared at the wall & listened to music. ;-)

  3. OK so I kinda LOVE that you wore your running tights as pants!! Mine look way too much like running tights (you know with the whole stripes down the side thing haha) but my roommate has lululemon wunder unders that she wears out all the time!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I love that you wore your running tights with a dress, what an awesome idea!

  5. I adore the outfit you put together with your running tights! It's a great way to get more mileage out of them. And that dress is super cute.

    As far as racing alone, I did my first half by myself, though I didn't plan to. A friend of mine backed out due to back pain and lack of training time. But I found the crowd support and the large number of participants was enough to keep me moving.

    For treadmill tips, I have a post in my blog called "Treadmill Love" with my favorite ways to have fun on the treadmill. Add entertainment, be vocal, and change up your routine.

  6. I almost always run races by myself. When I'm with other people I worry about slowing down (to my detriment sometimes when I really need to or risk burning out too early) and being too slow for them / holding them back, or on the flip side, don't always speed up when I get a burst/in the moment because I don't wanna ditch my buddy. When you're by yourself, though, you can really listen to your body and pull back when you need to, and kick it when you're feeling like a rockstar. I like that.

    Long treadmill runs are tough. I actually think the tv usually makes it more stressful for me (I know most people LOVE watching) but it's almost like it's too much for me to do both simultaneously (I can, however, walk and chew gum at the same time ;-). I like to zone out to good music and sometimes play with the numbers (up .1 every x minutes, etc.) and come up with dumb games like that to distract from the agony. Good luck!!

  7. Hi!! I am so excited you commented on my blog...I got my BS in Public health from UW!!
    I live for tights as pants :) I wear them as much as I wear jeans!!
    The scenic/fun/flat race sounds amazing!!!
    I am still debating on whether or not to run the Seattle RNR Half in June!
    I hope you've been having a great week!