Monday, March 26, 2012

It's feeling like spring

First off, thank you all for your kind words on my melt down post last week. I appreciate the support SO much.

I did manage to get in three miles of interval runs/loops while the kids were at baseball practice on Thursday. It was my youngest guy's first time at a drop off practice, so I would run a mile, circle back to check on him, & then keep going. It worked great & I will definitely plan to run during the practices - they are an hour and 45 minutes, so at least it will give me something to do. :-)

And, a picture from this weekend (we were headed to baseball pictures). Check out my cute boys!

Sam also took my picture on Saturday, and Nick decided he wanted in too:

The picture is at an awkward angle, because Sam is only 6, but he did a better job than I do most days. :-)

Most importantly, this happened over the weekend:
Yes, that's right. It was sunny & 62 on Saturday. Life was pretty darn good. I've been waiting *a long* time to see the sun!

I ran 5 miles on Saturday, & had 10 miles on the schedule for Sunday. The weather was perfect, I had new headphones for my tunes, & life was good. But, my hip! Oh, the hip pain. It started out as a nagging pain, but the further I went, the more it hurt. Knowing that I'd have to turn around & finish the run home, I called it at around 3 miles, for a total of 6.25 or so. I was really, really disappointed. I've never had to bail on a long run, & it felt like such a waste to turn around early on a gorgeous day, but the throbbing in my leg told me in no uncertain terms that running wasn't in the cards. I ended up walking/hobbling the last mile or so to my car. I have a 15K on Saturday, so I'm hopeful that some rest, foam rolling, & stretching will do the trick.

I pretended like the weather was still nice today, although it's really a little drizzly in Seattle.

Coral sweater - Nordstrom
Coral & white striped tshirt - Loft
Dark trouser wash jeans - Loft
Brown wedge sandals - AE

Although it's making me very nervous to have another light running week, I'm going to commit to taking it easy & listening to my leg/hip & not pushing too hard until after the race. After the weekend, I'm going to rejoin my half training plan (I've deviated for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of my interim races) at week 4 (it's an 8 week plan) so I can start getting ready for my half in May!!!! Can't believe how quickly it's coming up. :-)

What did you do this weekend? Anything fun & fabulous? Have you had hip pain? Any good tips?


  1. Sorry about your hip:( Hopefully some rest will get you back on track. Yes, the weather is quite disappointing. I hope the sun comes back soon along with some heat please:) I've had plenty of other pain, but no hip tips. I did the Big Climb this weekend and it was awesome! Also did a little biking since the weather was somewhat nice:) Good luck this week!

  2. ohh my goodness I remember what it was like to miss the sun while living in Seattle...not fun!
    eeek for your hip...have you been to your sport's med dr to have it looked at? I am sending you healing vibes. and you're definitely doing the right thing by listening to the pain and know when to push it. I hope it feels 100% ASAP!
    Have a great Monday!

  3. Your little boys are so darn cute!

    I've had hip pain on and off for years. I know the fascia around it was overly tight and my lower to middle back (on the opposite side) was super tight and could have been the cause of my hip pain. I would have your husband use his elbow to massage all around the hip and really get down deep into the muscles. Maybe that will help stretch it out a bit. Also you can try foam rolling it and to be on the safe side, have your doctor check it out. And of course lay off of it for a while (I know it can be hard).

    I hope it starts feeling better for you!