Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten things I learned on my long run

I ran 10 miles this weekend, & it was definitely a learning experience. ;-) I'm considering it that, & not getting hung up on some of the details. I have my first distance race on Sunday!! So excited/nervous. I'm doing the Portland Shamrock 15K. Can't wait. :-) Anyone else in Portland?

  1. Just because you see someone else leaving their car at the same time as you, and feel oddly compelled to not look like a slow dork, DO NOT match their pace. They will turn back after 1.5 miles, & you'll still have 5 times that to go. Only, you'll be tired, because you didn't pace yourself & acted like a fool.
  2. When you see the one lonely bathroom opportunity on the trail, take it. Even if you're convinced you don't need it, by the time you circle back & see it again, it will be too late. I promise.
  3. Shot blocks are easier on your stomach than the Power Bar version. I swear I've learned this lesson before, but forgot.
  4. When you're at mile 4 & have already hit the wall, you'll start hearing your football-coach-father's voice in your head, "Suck it up, (LastName)," and "Pour it on, (LastName)".
  5. Running in the wind, rain, & 38 degree weather, despite how much it blows, will make you feel kind of badass. No one needs to know that you're rocking out to Miley Cyrus, "Party in the USA".
  6. And, speaking of tunes, Kelly Clarkson - preach it, sister. What doesn't kill you will in fact make you stronger. It's just me, myself, & I.
  7. You will not be hungry after a long run, so no need to bring snacks or worry about what to eat after your race this weekend. Perhaps just a fresh pair of pants. See #2. The fact that clam chowder is offered as one of the post-race options is hurl-inducing.
  8. When you see that portapotty coming back on the return, even though you feel like you don't need it because bad things have already happened & you couldn't possibly go, ummmmm, try it. See #2. Again.
  9. A year ago, you ran your first 5K, & now you're doing 10 mile runs on the weekend. You're officially a runner. It's okay to be slow.
  10. I know you thought the run sucked major big time, but there were no cross walks or potty breaks to stop the Garmin, so this was actually your true time. And, it was a PR. So, there's that. ;-) Wet pants aside. 10 miles, 1:44. Slow, but steady.
So, so, so excited & nervous for this weekend!

Here are a few scary bathroom pictures!

I think this was Friday?
Violet sweater - Jcrew
White tank - Loft
Skinny jeans - Gap, Always Skinny
Wedges - Tory Burch

Black sweater - Nordstrom
Coral tshirt - Loft
Skinny jeans - AE
Black wedges - Tory Burch (yes, I kind of love the shoes ;-))

Bad hair - courtesy of my run
Black sweater - Express
Black & white striped tshirt - Gap
Skinny jeans - AE
Black wedges - you guessed it, Tory Burch

And, today! I got the tshirt at the Gap over the weekend, & I'm kind of obsessed with the bright coral color. It was $7 or so - a steal, and just the pop of spring color that I need.

Black sweater (sense a pattern? ;-) - Nordstrom
Coral tshirt - Gap
Skinny jeans - AE
Black wedges - shockingly, Tory Burch

I'm starting to notice a trend in my outfits. Maybe I should change things up a bit. . . :-)

Give me your best race tips!!!


  1. Awesome long run! Good luck this weekend! I am doing the Seattle St. Pat's Dash, much shorter than yours! I cannot freaking stand the snow and am about ready to scream if it is not summer NOW! They served clam chowder after the Lincoln City half - grooosssss.

  2. I love all of those outfits. All of them. And I'm obsessed with coral right now too! Definitely stop at the bathroom, learned that one the hard way. And fuel, even if you think you don't need to. When you hit the wall a few miles later and feel like you can't possibly take another step you will regret not choking down some fuel. :) Can't wait for your race, you will ROCK IT!

  3. Ricole - are you in Seattle too? Yes, WTH is up with the snow today?! I need a little sunshine in my life. I've been wanting to do the Lincoln City half - but I'll be skipping the clam chowder.

    HHR - Thanks! Coral is my fave. Oh, & I did buy some colored skinny jeans, thanks to you! Not sure if I'm keeping them yet, but I do love the color. :-)

  4. Awesome long run! Love your list too...some of them are SO TRUE and should always be remembered!!!!

  5. Love the list :) "It's ok to be slow" I need a shirt that says that...

  6. GREAT RUN!! Yes... I think we have all had long runs like have been like that before. Way to go for keeping on after it got tough! I am like you... I can't stomach anything after a long run. After my 1st marathon the only thing I could imagine eating was subway! I felt like such a fool. Heh... now I eat scrambled eggs a lot after long runs because they're easy on my tummy. Good luck with the race this weekend!

  7. I love everything you learned on your long run! I always learn lots too, many random things!

    Nice job on your long run!

  8. I was totally listening to Kelly's Stronger while reading this... ironic right? Good job on the 10 miles!! Double digits is a big thing! Good luck with your race, can't wait to hear all about it!!

  9. Clam chowder after a race?? I don't think I'll ever be tough enough to be able to do that!