Friday, March 16, 2012

Nervous for my race!

I've had a pretty easy running schedule this week (ran 4 miles on Monday, two days of cross train, & running 4-5 easy miles today). My 15K is on Sunday, & I'm nervous. The weather is making me crazy. Looks like it's going to be between 34-36 degrees, with a snow/rain mix. Fun times. :-)

The good news is that I've had a few long runs that had similar weather, so at least I'll know what to expect. As long as it's also not windy, I think I can survive. Maybe the cold weather will be my motivation to finish as quickly as possible, and have that nice steamy bowl of clam chowder. . . I kid - there will be no clam chowder consumption at 10:00 am, after my run. Guaranteed.

The weather has sucked in Seattle, so I'm back to boots & sweaters. So jealous of all of you with warm weather! I miss sandal season.

Wine colored sweater - Gap
Purple/wine paisley tank - Gap
Skinny jeans - AE
Boots - Anne Klein

And, today, with bad hair, because I'm hoping to run soon:
Camel sweater - Loft
Pearl necklace - Jcrew outlet
Pearl earrings - gift from my grandmother
Cream tank - Loft
Skinny jeans - Gap
Cognac boots - Vince Camuto, gift from Michael

Nutrition has been pretty good, with some chocolate mixed in. One of my coworkers brought in 12 pounds of chocolate earlier in the week, to celebrate his 12 year anniversary. Yum . .. chocolate.

And, my baby is turning five tomorrow! Can't believe it. The time has gone way, way too fast. Nick is a ridiculous ham, & the funniest person I know.

We'll be having a big birthday celebration for this cutie tomorrow.
What about you? Anyone racing? Running? Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with green beer? :-)


  1. Found your blog from Ricole Runs - I saw you were asking about the Birch Bay 15K, so I figured you were local. I have not ran the Birch Bay, but I have ran the Kirkland Half as my first half marathon last year and my only warning is traing for hills. The course is hilly. :) Hope you have a great run!

  2. Jen - thanks so much for the hills warning. (Just commented over on your blog). I've been doing some hills training, but everyone I've talked to has said the same thing about the Kirkland half. I probably need to bump it up! :-)

    I may just register for the Birch Bay & throw caution to the wind - the course looks hard to resist.

  3. It's certainly sandal season here - in fact it was in the 80's today! Good luck on your race and enjoy that chowder ;-)