Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That time I sat on the sofa

Slacking (also known as . . . the best laid plans):
I had all of these grand plans of putting in five miles on the treadmill last night after the kids went to bed. Of course, I forgot to take into account that bed time takes quite a bit longer when I'm handling it solo (Michael's traveling). . . I first tried to con Sam (my six year old) into going to bed without a story, so I could hurry things up & get my run on. Not only did he pout, but I felt like a terrible mom (and, that's probably a valid feeling, since rushing their bed time so I can work out is a recipe for mom guilt). I ended up reading two stories ("Cobras" & "Time for kids: Snakes!" - his choices, of course), & after that, I was ready to crash. I made a deal with myself that I would get up at 5 this morning, & squeeze in a run before the boys woke up. And, I did!

Running Schedule:
If you know me, you'll know that I'm not a morning person. So, just getting out of bed was a huge accomplishment. I only did 2 miles, but need to tweak a few things to make morning workouts happen (most importantly, I need a fan blowing on the treadmill, because I was sweating like an animal after half a mile). I also need to figure out hydration & eating (after the run?) so I can put in real miles. I'm thinking that morning workouts are going to be much more doable for me than the evening runs. 1) evening runs disrupt my extremely limited window of time with Michael when he is around. 2) I'm exhausted in the evenings & come up with a million reasons to bail. 3) My sofa is extremely comfortable. 4) Working out in the mornings makes me feel accomplished.

Figuring out this new workout schedule is super critical, because Michael is inches away from taking a new job with lots of travel. I NEED to make this work, so I can continue to run. My plan is to put in 20-25 miles this week, so I have a lot of ground to cover. Ha ha. ;-)

Here's my plan for the week:
  • Wednesday am workouts - 2 miles.
  • Wednesday evening workout - 3 miles + arms + foam rolling/stretching.
  • Thursday - 5 mile interval
  • Friday - 4 mile hills + abs/legs
  • Saturday - need to squeeze running in around boys baseball pictures, a birthday party, & a million other activities. 5 miles.
  • Sunday - long run. 10 miles.
And, I wore heels today! Mostly so I could wear a pair of jeans that didn't require flats.

Black sweater- Nordstrom. One of my favorites!
Coral top - Forever 21
Cream tank - Loft
Boot cut jeans - Nordstrom BP - Vigoss
Black heels - Style & Co - Macy's

Dorky face up close. And yes, that is a Transformer sticker on the back of my phone. So chic. :-)
When do you work out? Why did you choose that particular time? What are the challenges & what are your solutions?


  1. Way to get up early to run! That is a huge accomplishment:) I work out in the mornings after the kids go to school which makes it easy. If I waited til the evening, I would never be able to talk myself into it:) My husband travels too, so when the kids were little, it was hard to figure my workouts into the day. Now my boys are 10 and 12 so they can stay home by themselves if need be. It gets much easier as they get older:)

  2. My workout schedule is a bit crazy it usually looks something like this:
    Monday - 5:30AM Spin Class
    Tuesday - I have every intention of getting up early, instead I hit snooze and workout at 8PM while watching BL on the treadmill
    Wednesday - 5:30AM Spin Clas
    Thursday - See Tuesday - this is usually a longer run night 5-6 miles after 8PM
    Friday - Either lunch time run if I work from home, or Rest day
    Saturday - Early morning Spin or Hot Yoga
    Sunday - Long run usually before noon

    Yea, I am all over the board. My body just doesn't want to get up early to run.

  3. I'm personally not a morning workout person. My body just isn't ready. I like around 11 the best but I know in the real world-that won't happen and I'll have to figure it out.

  4. I'm also totally NOT a morning person. So nice job getting out there despite that! Love your outfit!