Friday, December 9, 2011

Operation Batwing

When you reach a certain age (and, don't spend enough time at the gym toning your arms, obviously), you can sometimes develop batwings. You know, arm flab that moves when you wave? Never a good look, my friends. This became a problem when M & I planned a spontaneous, last-minute trip to Las Vegas next Sunday & I'm 100% not ready to rock the small dresses I normally sport.

I have a two-pronged approach to remedying my batwing situation.

1) I'm actually focusing on my arms at the gym, and not just doing cardio & blaming my short lunch hour on my strength-training-avoidance. I've done 4 arm workouts this month alone, so I'm making progress on that front.

2) I searched & searched for a fun, sexy (but not, getting off work as an escort) dress that covers the batwings. Today, I finally had dress success!

I picked this baby up at White House/Black Market. The one at my store was on sale for $50, but I see this one is full-price online. Anyway, cute, sexy, fun, but not too much. My flab arms won't be scaring anyone!

And, if you are on a quest for the perfect skinny jeans, I may have a solution for you. I'm a huge fan of the Gap Always Skinny, in the dark wash. Great fit, slimming, rocks with boots, etc. But, I hate their lighter wash, and I don't like the color of the dark wash with black tops. Given that 92.87% of my wardrobe is black, I needed a lighter colored skinny jean. Still good coverage (no jeggings), nice fit, etc. I did some research, and ended up at American Eagle. Color me surprised, but these jeans were awesome! (Skinny jeans - worn dark is their official name).

Working out:
I mastered my 1.5 mile run on the treadmill today. I'm back at my desk, but still a little sweaty. Keepin' it sexy.

And, in honor of HHR, I'm going to try & convince M to share his pomegranate martini recipe, so stay tuned. If I can't get him to share, I'll just take secret pictures and post them when he's not looking. :-)


  1. hehe love it.

    1. i love WHBM - best store EVER.
    2. i have been on a quest (ok, only this week) for the perfect skinny jeans because i hate my dark skinny jeans with black tops too!!
    3. i think we're secretly sisters. just sayin.

  2. That dress looks fantastic! Great job building up the mileage again on the TM.

  3. I love that dress! I'm not going to lie, I like the idea of having bat wings just so I can flap around and yell "BAT WINGS!!"

  4. Here's the thing with bat wings...when I flex, I can't pinch a centimeter on the back of my arms -- which leads me to believe my arms are mostly muscle, not fat. But my arms definitely shake when I wave, bat style. So I accept bat wings. Sometimes the wing is just relaxed muscle...