Thursday, December 8, 2011

Return of the plaid

I ran again! I did an entire mile (without stopping) on Tuesday. Impressive for several reasons. 1) I had a craptastic day at work, and wanted to blow the entire workout off, sit on my sofa, & eat pirate's booty while watching Burn Notice. 2) It took me a month to build up to running a mile without stopping last winter when I started to run.

Summary of my workouts:
Monday - no workout, signing the refinance papers on our house.
Tuesday - Didn't want to work out (had to skip lunch due to work crisis), but squeezed in a quick walk/run on the treadmill after the kids were in bed.
Wednesday - 35 minutes on the bike + .25 miles on the treadmill + working on my bat wings (aka flabby arms)

Plan for today - keep my calories under 1500, eat well (lots of fruits & vegetables), & run for 1.25 miles without stopping. Also, a leg workout.

Ugly Bathroom Photos:
  • Plaid scarf (hence the post title) - Burberry, circa 2001. My office is cold, & I've cycled through all of my scarves. I have no shame, and the Burberry may no longer be a *trend*, but it's still warm & snuggly.
  • Tan sweater - Loft
  • Jeans - Gap, Always Skinny
  • Boots - Vince Camutto (Nordstrom), gift from M
  • Dorky face & security badge - keeping it real
And, without the scarf. The sweater is new

Today's outfit of the day. I was bored with jeans & boots, so opted for a skirt. Of course, this skirt is pre-kids (you know, back in the day when I had disposable income), so it's a bit shorter than I would pick these days. Oh well. Hopefully I won't scar anyone at the office.
Sweater - Gap
Silver necklace - Macy's
Gray & black striped skirt - Banana Republic, circa 2001 or so
Black tights - Loft?
Black boots - Anne Klein, Macy's

I'm also having a hair crisis. As I've mentioned (and, likely bored you to tears with) before, I'm trying to grow out my color. I'm about a year in, and here's where I'm at:
I hate my hair short. HATE. When you have huge cheeks, short hair is not your friend. But, the giant blonde streaks are not doing me any favors. I'm worried about getting a few inches trimmed off, and leaving just another inch or so of blonde roots at the bottom. Will that look worse than it does now, or better? I need input! :-) Please advise.


  1. you didn't like it short?! i thought it was so cute when you had it shorter!! but i think cutting it off even if there's an inch left won't make a difference - the more you cut it the faster it will grow, so i've heard.

  2. HHR- when I'm a bit thinner, I can pull off the shorter hair better. I'm (sadly!) not at that stage right now, &I'm worried that the shorter hair is going to make my face look rounder. If that's even possible. ;-)

    I do want to at least get a trim, but I'm worried that the last inch or so of color is going to look nuts.

  3. I actually think you would look really cute with an inverted bob. I actually think it's slimming cut :)

  4. I have to say I think the inch of blonde might look strange too. Maybe just wait a few more weeks and then cut it off?
    I must be out of fashion because I still like my plaid scarf!